Best Tools to Manage and Track Links in 2021

Being able to manage your links quickly and accurately is essential for success .

Tracking the links we use to work with our business can make the difference between success and failure.

Fortunately, there are many tools on the Internet that allow us to do this.

In this article, we will show you which are the best tools for tracking links. We will also provide you with some notions that will allow you to understand how important it is to collect the data of your links.

Make yourself comfortable and read the following article carefully. You may discover link tracking tools that will help you make your business successful.

What are links

A hyperlink , also known as a hyperlink ” or simply a “ link, is a tool that allows you to pass from a digital information unit to another, also digital.

By information unit we mean things such as:

  • Images
  • Texts
  • Documents

Aesthetically , a link generally looks as shown in the following figure:

1 600x267 1 - Best Tools to Manage and Track Links in 2021

Example of how a link looks aesthetically. Of course, blue and underlining can also be replaced by other styles.

Originally, the only task of links was to lead users back from one information unit to another. They made it possible to make the texts of the web pages interactive.

Nowadays, links continue to make the contents in which they are inserted more interactive , but they no longer have the sole task of leading users back to a new information unit.

In fact, they can also be used to collect data.

The tracking link has become essential nowadays. It can be used for various purposes:

  • check the backlinks of our websites
  • manage affiliation marketing campaigns
  • see the progress of an online advertising campaign
  • analyze user behavior
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Depending on why we want to track our links, we will have to use different tools. On the web there are really many solutions, each one suited to specific needs.

They range from tools that allow you to shorten links to those that allow you to observe how people interact with them. Obviously, those tools that allow you to evaluate the SEO parameters related to links should not be overlooked.

Before analyzing in detail the tools we have selected for you, let’s see who may be interested in managing links.

Who may be interested in managing links in 2021

Here are some examples of subjects who may be interested in using tools to manage links.

Web agencies

Web agencies that work on behalf of third parties cannot help but use link tracking tools.

They must use these tools to be able to show their customers concrete data . Therefore, the survival of a web agency directly depends on these tools.

Web agencies, therefore, can use link management and tracking tools to see the progress of the advertising campaigns they create.

In the case of agencies, those tools that allow you to shorten the length of links and that allow you to monitor the number of clicks on a hyperlink are very useful .

In particular, monitoring the number of clicks on a link allows us to understand whether it is able to attract the attention of users or not.

If we insert a link within an image of a certain product and it gets many clicks, it means that that product attracts a lot of people’s interest.

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ECommerce are among the realities that most need link tracking.

In fact, online stores must pay particular attention to internal linking . Well done internal linking can push customers to buy more products from our eCommerce.

To check if internal linking is done well, however, tools that track interactions with links are needed .

If, for example, I place the links of the related products in a certain position, thanks to the tracking of the links with tools such as I can understand if the position I have chosen generates many or few interactions from users.

Furthermore, link tracking for eCommerce is also useful to understand from which sources we receive the most traffic . If, for example, I have a Facebook page and place a product with its link on it, thanks to tracking I can understand how many users reach me thanks to social networks.

The same goes for when I advertise my eCommerce with a guest posting campaign . I can understand the effectiveness of the campaign by tracking the links.

affiliate marketing 5562865 1280 1024x971 1 - Best Tools to Manage and Track Links in 2021

Web editor

Every good web editor should do quality (external and internal) link building in order to get as much organic traffic as possible on their websites.

The main purpose of managing links for a web editor, therefore, is to optimize them from an SEO point of view .

A self-respecting web editor, in fact, must analyze the incoming backlinks on his websites and must create efficient links between one page and another on his site.

By monitoring links it is possible to do this and understand, for example, which are the most attractive positions in which to insert a link within a content and so on.

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Furthermore, monitoring the backlinks allows us to understand how many sites mention us each month, if whoever mentioned us is a quality site or should be blocked, if we enjoy a positive or negative backlink speed .

Finally, link tracking is also important to find “broken” links and correct them.


Nowadays, every business should have a showcase on the web . This showcase, of course, must not be reduced to a simple static page, but must allow users to interact and purchase our products and services.

Link management, therefore, becomes important to understand how users interact with the corporate website .

Another case in which managing links becomes useful is that of monitoring advertising campaigns. For example, we could launch two advertising campaigns at the same time and, based on the clicks obtained, figure out which is more effective.

Tracking ads is also used to understand who clicks are made. Sometimes, in fact, there are bots that click on ads to harm the competition. By monitoring links, this problem can be solved.

Furthermore, the SEO optimization of the company website should not be overlooked, which can also pass through a strong link building campaign.

office - Best Tools to Manage and Track Links in 2021

Special uses

There are also special cases in which managing links can bring us considerable advantages.

In offline marketing , for example, we can apply a QR code to a paper advertisement and, based on the number of times the code link is used, understand if the campaign is effective or not.

The same can be done with an SMS advertising campaign . Just insert a link in the SMS and see if the campaign can generate the desired numbers.

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Managing links wisely, therefore, can lead us to enjoy enormous benefits and grow our business.

Those listed above are just a few examples of subjects that can be used to track links. The possibilities, in reality, are endless and listing them all would be really difficult.

links - Best Tools to Manage and Track Links in 2021

Managing links in 2021: the best tools

As mentioned, there are many tools on the web that can help us manage our links. Nowadays, however, there is still no universal tool suitable for every need.

Fortunately, we have selected the best tools for you to manage links in 2021 .

Each of these tools performs a different task and is among the leaders in its reference sector.

Let’s move on to the analysis of each of these tools. best tool to shorten and trace links is one of the most popular (and affordable) tools ever to shorten links and track them . initially achieved success thanks to Twitter . The link shortening service, in fact, allowed users to save on the number of characters used when they had to insert a link within a tweet.

This version also allows us to track the number of clicks obtained from each link, the sites from which the clicks come and the geographical location of the users who clicked.

bitly dashboard - Best Tools to Manage and Track Links in 2021

One of subscription plans allow users to:

  • customize links
  • create QR code
  • advertising campaigns
  • integrate links within numerous apps
  • have the support of an expert
  • manage a work group
  • deeper data analysis

In addition to these functions, of course, there are many others.

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Using short links can be very useful in many cases, especially on social networks if you want to avoid inserting very long links in your posts.

Furthermore, also allows you to obtain some data relating to user interactions with links and, therefore, can also be useful for those who simply want to trace the links, but do not need to make them shorter.

Tinyurl: ideal tool to shorten and customize your links

A tool very similar to that offered by , is proposed to us by Tinyurl .

The free plan of Tinyurl allows us to shorten the links, but to customize the final part (unlike what happened with the free plan). Below is an example screen where you can see how we customized the final part of the link.

tiny url dashboard - Best Tools to Manage and Track Links in 2021

Tinyurl’s free plan also allows us to generate a QR code of our link . To get it, simply click on “My URLs” and then on the “share” button under the link of our interest.

The free version of Tinyurl, unfortunately, does not offer any data about the clicks obtained from the links. To obtain this data, you need to activate a subscription plan.

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From the point of view of personalization and QR code creation, however, Tinyurl’s free plan is truly among the best.

Kajabi: best platform to manage links for the sale of information products

If it is our intention to sell our information products online, Kajabi is the ideal solution .

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The platform, which is a leader in its sector, allows us to create courses and subscription plans to sell online and to use numerous digital marketing tools .

In the past, we have written a very comprehensive review on Kajabi and we recommend that you check it out.

Kajabi — The All In One Online Business Platform 1024x554 1 - Best Tools to Manage and Track Links in 2021

A common element to many of the tools offered by Kajabi is link management .

The platform, in fact, allows us to access a lot of data relating to the links we are going to create.

Furthermore, it should not be overlooked that Kajabi includes a simple tool for creating an affiliate network . This tool will allow us to manage our affiliate campaigns in a simple and intuitive way.

Kajabi is paid , but its price is very low compared to everything it can offer.

If you want to sell info-products or have useful tools available to manage your links, we would like to recommend Kajabi.

SEOZoom: analyze the backlinks of your sites

Tracking links can also be extremely useful in SEO . In particular, it is important to track backlinks .

This type of hyperlink, in fact, allows us to increase the SEO authority of our website and, therefore, to better position its pages among the Google search results.

Getting quality backlinks isn’t easy and it’s always good to track the ones we already have.

By tracking backlinks we can block those from malicious sites , understand the speed of incoming links, check the backlinks of guest posts purchased in the past and so on.

SEOZoom is one of the best platforms for managing backlinks. In addition to the backlink analysis service, it also allows us to analyze other elements of our site that are important from an SEO point of view.

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Some alternatives to SEOZoom can be found in:

SEO optimization of a website is essential for getting organic traffic. This type of traffic is free and long-lasting.

One of the most effective tools when it comes to SEO optimization is found in link building .

However, using this tool alone is not easy. For this reason, we have selected some of the best link building solutions for you.


Best link building platforms

One of the reasons that lead us to look for tools to manage our links could be the need to monitor the progress of our link building activity .

Maybe we are using this SEO optimization tool without any outside help and, unfortunately, the reports indicate that the sites on which we are getting backlinks are of very bad quality.

Fortunately, we have selected two platforms for you that can offer you top-notch backlinks. They are:

Nova SEO Services

 Buy guest posts and backlinks

Nova SEO Services is a platform created with the aim of helping people improve their online presence.

The services offered by the platform are so many and can cover many areas of digital marketing:

  • Drafting and publication of articles written with an SEO perspective and containing backlinks.
  • Creation and management of Online Ads campaigns, influencer marketing and telemarketing.
  • Management of social networks.
  • Copywriting service.

Among the services we have listed, the one that interests us most concerns the drafting of articles written from an SEO perspective .

This service, in fact, will allow us to buy the writing and publication of high quality articles on sites with a high SEO Authority owned by Nova SEO Services.

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Within each of these articles, obviously, a backlink to our site can be inserted .

This service will allow us to quickly increase our SEO authority and get a lot of organic traffic.

Let’s see how to do link building on Nova SEO Services.

How to do link building on Nova SEO Services

To be able to do link building on Nova SEO Services, first of all, we will have to register on the platform by going to its home .

Immediately after registration, we will need to log in. Once logged in, we will find ourselves in the Nova SEO Services main screen , which will show us the latest news related to the platform and will allow us to navigate it through the menu on the left.

Within this menu, click on ” SEO Articles “. We will be shown the following screen:


At this point, we will have to click on the box that appears next to the words “ where would you like to publish your article? “. As soon as we click, the following drop-down menu will be shown:

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Among the types of websites on which we can choose to publish we will find:

  • Blog
  • Blog present on Google News
  • Newspaper

After selecting the option we like, the item ” list of sites ” will appear . By clicking on it, we will be shown another drop-down menu through which we can choose the specific site in which to publish the article.

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Next to each site , its SEO Authority will also be indicated . The sites offered by Nova SEO Service all enjoy good SEO authority.


Finally, we will only have to indicate the timing for the publication of the article, the keyword we want to be used and attach material to be included in the article if necessary.

Obviously, we can also indicate a link to be included in the text . In this way we will be able to carry out our link building campaign using a platform that guarantees the success of the campaign.

The advantages of Nova SEO Services

Using this Nova SEO Servicee offers the undoubted advantage of saving us a lot of time and quickly carrying out a link building campaign made using sites of undoubted quality.

The articles we will order will be written by Nova SEO Services experts. The writing team is made up of copywriters and SEO experts , who know how to write high quality content and are able to get us good visibility on Google.

Furthermore, the Nova SEO Services team will take into account all the SEO factors related to backlinks that positively affect link building. You will be able to notice this through the link management tools that we have recommended above.


Managing your links is very important nowadays. Good link management can help us improve our site from an SEO point of view or grow our business .

We have shown you a number of useful tools that you can use to manage your links. Now it’s your turn to put it to good use !

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