Different Factors That Can Affect Your On-Page SEO

Getting on top of the search results is one of the top priorities of a business and for this, they try to pay attention to different On-Page SEO factors. They are not only helpful if you want to achieve qualified leads success, but you can also get a boost in your organic traffic. To start with your SEO initiative, you are supposed to devise an SEO strategy for your brand website. If your website is not optimized for your users and search engines, your chances of success get minimized.


On-Page SEO focuses on the optimization of individual web pages and helps you rank higher on Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs. When you are using SEO, you are supposed to work with URLs, descriptions, titles and the HTML source code along with the content you have on the page. Here are a few things that you can work on and make the most from your SEO strategies and efforts:


Curate Quality Content

This is one of the first things that you can do for your SEO strategy and focus on creating some quality content for your website. This is very helpful if you want to keep your audience engaged. You can only do so by creating shareable, engaging and interesting content.


To get this done, you must create content that is unique and authentic. You can take inspiration from different sources and popular websites. Provide your audience with content that can help them with a problem or in other words, it should address a problem that users look for answers to.

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Also, the content should be the voice of your brand. This way you can lure the audience to your website. A good practice is that you can ass pictures, videos, GIFs and other elements that can add more creativity and flavor to your write-up.


For instance, if you are writing and using a keyword like Xfinity TV, then you should write something interesting about a movie or character or a movie review that can get a user some interesting insights about their favorite movie and so on. There are no limits to your creativity which will become your plus.


The Meta Descriptions Should Always Be Concise

You can have a meta description that has relevant keywords naturally added to the meta description. The meta description has to be concise and short as Google might not allow you to use more than around 150 to 160 characters to be displayed in this section. A long meta description that exceeds more than the limit gets cut or shortened by Google.


Use Internal Links

This is effortless for you to do but it can be very beneficial for your website. If you use internal links on your web pages, you can make sure that your audience spends more time on your website. You can use the internal link to redirect the user to the page where you want them to go and get a minimum to zero bounce rate and get an increased average time for your users to spend on your website.


Add Relevant Title Tags

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Title Tags are a must-have for all of your pages. Add appropriate tags that can communicate effectively with your web page and add more meaning to it. Apart from that, all of your pages must have appropriate title tags that should communicate what your web page is about. This is very beneficial as it provides a context for the search engine bots and also becomes helpful for your users as well.

Using keywords in the title tag is one of the recommended practices. The title tag you can use shouldn’t exceed more than 50 to 60 characters and if it exceeds the specified character limit then the remaining characters will not stay visible. So add your keyword at the beginning of the title tags.


Make Sure You Are Using  Subheadings

If you add subheadings in your content, it makes the content you curated more readable and segmented. You can segment your content into blocks so that search engines can scan them very easily. This is also good for providing a good user experience to users visiting your website and you can expect them to spend more time on your website. You can use H2 and H3 tags to add more clarity to your headings and subheadings as well.


Stay Consistent

In the end, one can say that using these and some other practices you can create a great profile for your business. No matter what is the size of your business, you can increase your brand’s profitability using SEO correctly.

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