The importance & benefits of quality backlinks

When we think about the main positioning factors that Google and other search engines take into consideration most when composing the SERPs and therefore the pages with the results, we must first refer to the website backlinks (incoming links).

Google was the first to use these elements to assess the popularity of a website . Why? The search engine assumes that a page that has many inbound links has greater authority than one without a backlink.

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Over time, however, Google has put several stakes and restrictions on the distorted use of backlinks. The algorithm thus began to evaluate also different types of mentions to websites, for example simple citations to a portal, without any link.

Even in light of these Google updates, it’s essential to focus on why backlinks are still so important from an SEO perspective . In addition to having an overview of the main traffic sources , it will be useful to understand which type of inbound link is most valued by search engines.

Website backlinks, useful for receiving valuable traffic

In a digital strategy, the keywords to obtain SEO backlinks useful for creating traffic of value are essentially two: inform and amaze. Yes, because the contents that are conveyed must be interesting, of quality and original. Above all, however, they must be able to offer notions that no one else can provide .

The contents conveyed through the links must be better than those of competitors and add something new. So they will have to lead those who have a well-established site to link to that same page .

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Search for the keywords to use and the topics to be covered

How to differentiate your content offer from that of your direct competitors? First you have to make a local mind that any query originates from a certain keyword (or keyword composition) . Tips to Improve Ecommerce Conversions 3

For example, you can start by entering the keyword of a topic we are interested in dealing with in the search bar. This will show what the level of competition actually is.

It will be good to open and scroll through the various articles that appear on the first page of results. Thus it will be possible to understand which topic still remains to be dealt with and deepened and which has already been fully explored.

Only after the key points of the article have been defined can the drafting phase begin . In this step we will enrich the content with infographics and images but also videos in order to attract the attention of a wider audience.

In this way, the interest of specialized and sector digital magazines will also be obtained, which will be happy to link that certain in-depth analysis .

What can we do for you

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