The Benefits Of Integrating SEO Services And PPC Management Services

PPC and SEO strategies appear to be two separate strategies, yet they work toward the same goal: driving quality traffic to your site. By combining SEO services with effective PPC management, your target audience will see increased online exposure, leading to a boost in conversions of almost 200%.


The most powerful methods of generating traffic to a website are organic search and paid search. Using this approach gives a company credibility through organic listings and offers instant top-of-page listings with increased click-through rates through paid search (PPC). The combination of SEO and PPC services is a winning one.

  • Long-Term Results With Better Data


PPC campaigns provide conversion data much sooner than SEO campaigns. You can consistently drive valuable traffic to your site when SEO is done correctly. While SEO takes time to see results and gather actionable data, the results are worth the wait.


Google’s ranking algorithm incorporates over 200 critical ranking factors at any given time (source: Backlinko). The process of fine-tuning your SEO strategy will take time, especially if you’re just getting started. You can use PPC to attract early visitors to your website if you are just getting started with SEO. As your organic performance improves through higher keyword rankings, your PPC budget should yield positive returns.


When you approach SEO and PPC services separately, you isolate critical information, which can negatively impact your campaigns’ effectiveness. When data and strategy are shared between two campaigns, particular opportunities for conversion can be found. In order to share key points of competitive analysis, SEO and PPC strategists need to work together as a cohesive unit.

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Techniques used in SEO produce:


Results that are consistent

Increasing the value of your website

Leads of higher quality

Visibility is increased

Keyword exposure throughout the buyer’s journey


Returns on PPC campaigns are as follows:


A quick return on investment

The traffic is highly targeted

Control of costs and budgets

Results in progress

Pay only for users who are interested

  • Rankings For Organic Keywords Fluctuate, But Not For Paid Keywords


The organic ranking system is volatile. One day you may see high-ranking keywords, but the next you may see them drop off the search engines. Even SEO experts have trouble predicting organic rankings with Google’s 500-600 annual algorithm updates (source: Moz).


The same cannot be said for AdWords and Bing Ads. You can expect a fairly consistent Ad Rank (how your ad compares to other ads) once you have the right combination of quality score and budget. You can control paid rankings in far greater detail than organic search rankings if you calibrate your Ad Rank at the right price.


Keeping up with Google’s constantly changing search landscape requires real-time responses. As an example, Google removed the sidebar ads from the right side of search results, which moved organic listings to the bottom of the page while 3-4 paid ads appeared above them. The Google Maps local 3-pack of mobile results will feature paid ads in the near future, altering the search landscape further and increasing competition for organic results.

  •  Boost Your Online Visibility


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With Google’s search results, you can find millions of listing for any keyword. Each listing competes for the attention of a searcher, which results in fierce competition for the top listings and page 1. Having two listings on the first page is even better for exposure to increase traffic than having one on the first page. By holding and maintaining an organic search ranking and placing your paid ad at the top of the page, you can double your page 1.


If you are listed twice with an organic and paid listing, you will have a competitive advantage over your competitors who only have one listing for a high-intent keyword. You can even expand your business by using Google’s universal search features such as local 3-packs on Google Maps, Knowledge Graphs, and Answer Boxes. Discover ways to maximise exposure for your target keywords by researching the search landscape.

  • Improving Traffic Quality


By increasing your search visibility, you will inherently increase the number of clicks to your website. A website’s clicks alone aren’t a clear measure of success, but they are essential for conversions. The traffic you receive from SEO and PPC services will be qualified and produce tangible results for your business.


According to a Google study conducted a few years back, 50% of PPC clicks did not replace organic search results when ads were not present. Moreover, as organic rankings decrease, paid ads are replaced by fewer clicks, according to the study. Apparently, organic search alone is not as effective as organic search combined with paid search in driving traffic to a website.

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  • Increasing Conversion Probabilities


Increasing traffic to your site also increases the probability of conversions. As a result of combining SEO and PPC services, conversions can increase by over 200%. The optimisation of your landing pages will yield fruitful results by the time your organic search rankings for high-value keywords rise.


SEO and PPC are not only competitors for page 1 rankings but are also battling for conversions. Data is used by businesses that achieve positive ROI to leverage customer behavior on their website. The ranking of your website will have less impact if you cannot find the information that the user is seeking. It would be frustrating for a user to be unable to find your phone number, resulting in a lost sale. Take advantage of your website’s conversion potential by optimising for the user experience on both desktops and mobile devices.


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