SEO Tools: 18 SEO Tools Used by SEO Experts

SEO Tools: The best SEO Tools used by Industry Experts

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is now a key weapon for those who intend to position your site on top of search engines. That is to achieve additional visibility with respect to the competition, such that it can ultimately be decisive.

Precisely for this reason, a large number of SEO tools have been prepared to help those who intend to exploit SEO it in the best way . That is the analysts and all the other professional SEO agencies operating in the sector.


SEO Tools

Their peculiarity is to allow users to collect a series of very valuable information in order to help their site grow. In particular, these SEO tools allow you to:

  • select keywords capable of ensuring the desired returns in the form of visits;
  • realize the actual level of competition, in particular the positioning achieved by the same on certain keywords and consequently prepare the strategies capable of withstanding the competition;
  • identify the long-tailed search keys , those capable of helping the user to formulate an editorial calendar based on the breadth and variety of contents;
  • optimize your site by making it relevant to the interests pursued by your audience;
  • find a long series of conclusive indications in relation to the validity of the Ads.
The SEO tools available for those who intend to better position a site on search engines are increasingly performing
The SEO tools available for those who intend to better position a site on search engines are increasingly performing

As can be understood from what has been said so far, these SEO tools are actually able to adequately remunerate those who intend to use them with a view to growing their space on the web.

So let’s try to identify the most performing SEO tools this year , whether they are paid or absolutely free.


Ahrefs SEO Tool

Ahrefs is a suite of SEO tools produced in 2011 by the startup of the same name.

The presence of a considerable amount of data collected by Ahrefs Robot, the system crawler, and of remarkable features, make it a package aimed at professional users, also from the point of view of costs (plans start at $99 per month ), as evidenced by its use by many web agencies and companies that make SEO, marketing and communication their daily bread.

Among the features present in Ahref SEO Tool, it is necessary to highlight in particular:

  1. Organic Keyword 2.0 , which allows you to identify the keywords which allow the competition to position themselves better on search engines. In this way, obtaining organic traffic in Italy and other 169 countries from all over the globe;
  2. Ahrefs Batch analysis , essential SEO tool when you need to analyze multiple URLs. In practice, it allows you to acquire backlink metrics of over 200 URLs simultaneously. In fact, just enter the list of URLs in the box to start the desired search. The results of which can then be exported in text or csv format;
  3. Keyword Explorer , whose task is to analyze the keywords for which to rank. In fact, it goes to calculate the potential traffic and to understand the reason that allows some to position themselves better than others. In addition to identifying the search volume, the number of clicks and the relationship between them and searches, the SEO tool also allows you to know the terms related to the selected search term. Not only on Google, but also on search engines such as Amazon, YouTube or Yandex, of which Ahrefs knows in detail the algorithms used;
  4. Site Audit , responsible for analyzing the performance of the site. Which, after monitoring all the pages inside it, provides an overall SEO optimization score. It also displays the most important data in the form of a graph, also reporting problems or errors found. Ultimately helping to provide the most suitable recipe for their definitive solution;
    5) Rank Tracker, which allows the insertion or import of a list of keywords to be monitored in a list of 170 countries and to communicate the URLs of competitors, with the aim of checking in real time the Google rankings. only on desktop, but also on mobile.
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Semrush SEO Tool

Semrush is an all-in-one platform that allows its users not only to manage Ecommerce SEO and content marketing, but also to create competitive analytical studies, manage online advertising and the various social media marketing activities of their own. website.

In practice, its specificity lies precisely in the sum of the functions described in a single platform.

Its operation is extremely simple and intuitive, thus proving to be suitable even for non-experts. Who can start using the free version in order to get familiar with the work environment.

Once they understand how to make the most of it, they can then switch to the paid version, with monthly plans starting at $70 .

It should also be stressed that the free package can be used without interruption . Even without switching to the paid version, where you believe you can also take advantage of a solution of this kind.

In practice, the free version allows you to analyze a single site, with very specific limits, for example 10 daily searches regarding competitor sites.

Semrush can be tried for free for seven days, at no cost, in order to test its validity
Semrush can be tried for free for seven days, at no cost, in order to test its validity

However, if you intend to evaluate Semrush to the fullest of its prerogatives, you can request a seven-day trial, at no cost .

Once you understand what it is and the actual usefulness for your work, you can cancel and return to the basic plan, without being charged any cost.

A detail such as to make it clear how the Semrush development group relies heavily on the persuasive power of the many features present in the proposed package. Which are explained in detail by the tutorials made available to customers.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is offered for free to anyone who has a website. Its use allows users not only to report it, but also to monitor its presence in the Google SERP. To do this, simply add a code to your website, use Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager.

Once configured, Google Search Console allows you to examine all the data you need to understand the SEO effectiveness of your site. To then elaborate the following reports:

  1. Index , thanks to which it is possible to realize how much Google is indexing your site;
  2. Overview , a comprehensive overview which examines your overall performance;
  3. URL inspection , which inspects the performance of certain pages from a purely technical point of view, showing how they are actually displayed;
  4. Performance , which analyzes the performances highlighted by the pages that make up the site;
  5. Links , basically a study on the external and internal links that interest him.
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It also checks the overall health of the site . In particular, identifying the errors that can prevent it from highlighting all its potential.

For example the incorrect redirect to a page, 404 errors (lack or inability to access a page), the unexpected inaccessibility of a page to the crawlers caused by the Robot.txt file, or the Server Errors that may arise in the maintenance phases of the site.

The validity of this SEO tool becomes evident especially if we consider how its use ensures the following advantages:

  • fully understand if Google can actually find and crawl your website ;
  • ensure a display of all sites where there are links that refer to your own (the so-called backlinks );
  • eliminate possible indexing problems . And ask Google to process the contents, whether it is updated or unpublished, in order to index them;
  • consult the traffic data ensured by Google Search;
  • verify the existence of possible problems in terms of use of your site on mobile devices;
  • receive alerts from Google if the search engine encounters problems on your site. For example, indexing, spam or otherwise.


KWFinder is an SEO  tool developed by Mangools , a company used as a partner by brands such as Adidas and Airbnb. His work is based on the terms indicated by the user, taking care of sifting the web to go to identify the most relevant keywords to be used on the destination site.

KWFinder The Only Keyword Tool Youll Ever Need
KWFinder is especially recommended for users who are new to SEO

A job which can be done in two ways:

  1. through the free account , that is accessible totally free Which guarantees 5 searches, 50 search suggestions and 100 backlinks in the course of a day;
  2. opting for the paid account , which costs $ 25.90 for the Basic version and $ 69.90 for the advanced one.

Thanks to the many features that KWFinder makes available to users, it is possible to create an organic plan for positioning your site on search engines that can give considerable satisfaction in a reasonable period of time.

Among the advantages guaranteed by the SEO tool, there is also that of being able to try it for ten days, for free, in order to be able to provide a comprehensive idea of ​​its validity. After which you can decide the next move.

According to Webdew, however, it is a tool especially suitable for novice SEO users and site owners who do not have an adequate budget or do not intend to spend too much. Less to those who intend to have high-level weapons available to be used in the war for positioning on search engines.


MOZ Pro is another SEO tool that has managed to attract a lot of attention, especially from Search Engine Optimization agencies. A clear proof of its effective usefulness in a sector that is so competitive.

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The company was founded in 2004 by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig , presenting on the markets as “SEOmoz”. Ten years later, Rand Fishkin stepped down as CEO, while two years later MOZ returned in a big way, but this time focusing its work on SEO, of which Fishkin himself is a recognized expert.

MOZ Pro can therefore be considered the result of this decision, effectively managing to give life to an extremely performing product. Which allows you to analyze links, manage a campaign to promote positioning on search engines, assess the level of competition and identify broken or missing links.

While it doesn’t have a free plan, it still offers a thirty-day trial before signing up for the basic plan, which costs $ 99 per month. It is therefore advisable to weigh its actual usefulness before adopting it.

The most relevant features of MOZ Pro are the following:

  1. Moz Analytics , ideal for improving traffic from search results and ratings. It not only helps to inspect the site, but also to check the current keyword rating and understand how the competition is moving;
  2. Competitor rank tracking , which monitors keyword ratings in over 200 countries. Also making a comparison with competing sites with a view to overriding them with a certain ease;
  3. Find link opportunities , the use of which allows you to discover unlinked citations, recover corrupted links and identify link building opportunities. The Open Site Explorer, in particular, offers the possibility of quickly finding the Domain Authority (DA) and valuable data relating to the domains entered;
  4. Crawl test tool , which performs a thorough scan of each site in order to detect possible errors, HTTP status codes and other data which may prove useful, for example missing titles or duplication of content;
  5. Rank Tracker , thanks to which it is possible to know the position of your pages in the Google ranking. Consequently making it possible to set up a strategy capable of downgrading the rating;
  6. Keyword Difficulty & SERP Analysis Tool , ideal for knowing the real importance of keyword research oriented to their potential In this way it is possible to avoid keywords that are too competitive, which require very strong efforts in terms of time and money and to fall back on being able to optimize the yield compared to the efforts made;
  7. Spam analysis , a feature recently added to Moz Pro and designed to identify potential spam links on your site and correct them. Extremely valuable operation considering how Google penalizes these links. And therefore such as to immediately turn into an increase in traffic.

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is a SEO tool composed of four cross-platform desktop software that can run not only on Windows, but also on Mac and Linux. Which can also be installed on your personal computer. The software in question are:

  • Rank Tracker , which allows you to know the position of a particular site with respect to a given query;
  • Website Auditor , which carries out an audit of the individual pages that make up a site. An examination aimed at identifying all the problems of a technical nature which prevent it from being effective in terms of SEO;
  • SEO SpyGlass , comparable in the way it works to Ahrefs, as it allows you to monitor backlinks and identify the link building strategies implemented by competitors;
  • LinkAssistant , structured in such a way as to facilitate link prospecting operations and take control of link building strategies. To do this, it uses the ability to act as an archive and organizer of the backlinks.
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The software mentioned are freemium . That is, they put in place a limited free version, which still allows access to access some features without the existence of time limits.

Once you decide to switch to the paid version, you can choose between two plans: Professional and Enterprise. Individual software can also be purchased separately, at a price of 124.75 per month for the Professional version and 299.75 for the Enterprise.

As can be understood from the prices, these are professional SEO tools , especially suitable for those who perform a function in the SEO field or for agencies that deal with the issue. Out of reach for those who are beginners or have limited goals in terms of positioning on search engines.


For those looking for a marketing intelligence platform capable of helping SEO experts to better deploy their strategies, the ideal answer may be Serpstat , a SEO tool that appeared in 2013, in the form of a keyword research.

To then become an all-in-one SEO platform in 2016, as it allows you to obtain the most suitable keywords for SEO / PPC campaigns, identify competitors in your market niche, the best performing keywords they use and their backlinks.

Without requiring additional costs, it is also able to help users discover international data thanks to dozens of databases, monitor competitor behavior and have an accurate overview of traffic shares globally.

Serpstat can be used in both free and paid versions. Before opting for the second one, however, it would certainly be to try the tool to understand if it actually suits your case or if, on the contrary, it is better to fall back on another SEO tool more suited to your needs. The base price for the paid version is $ 19 per month , but there are three other plans of $ 69, $ 149 and $ 299 respectively, also monthly.

Rate that includes a dashboard, competition analysis, link management, integration with Google Analytics, keyword tracking, keyword research tools and indication of those suitable for mobile versions.

Prices that can be considered reasonable, in light of the over 100 million keywords in its database, the continuous updates (over 15 thousand per minute) and the daily updates of the ranking data relating to 12 thousand locations.


Ubersuggest is another SEO tool born in our country, only to be acquired by Neil Patel , a world-renowned web marketing specialist. Also in this case it is a freemium software, that is distributed in a free and paid version. Which revolves around a simple concept: find all the keywords related to a specific topic. The SEO tools that were developed between 2018 and 2020, making it a real package of products, all obey this starting assumption.

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uber suggest
Unlike other SEO tools, Ubersuggest focuses on long tail, or keywords composed of multiple terms

Unlike other tools, Ubersuggest focuses on long tail , or keywords composed of multiple terms. Which are able to turn out not only to be more specific, but also more aimed at conversion.

So much so that they are increasingly relevant within the Voice Search. Thanks to them it is easier to understand what users are looking for on the net and, above all, almost as if they are the terms used in order to find products, services and information.

The main feature of Ubersuggest is its ease of use . In fact, just connect to the site and go to the search page, where a form is highlighted. By entering a term in it and selecting the desired language, you can start a search destined to return a large number of results.

That is the number of searches carried out on that term by users in a given period, the SEO difficulty of positioning the extrapolated term, that of making it render in terms of ADS, the average amount spent on clicks during Pay Per Click campaigns, keywords related to the starting word and much more.

Among which stands out a feature which makes Ubersuggest something truly unique, namely the ability to profile users for a search query . Such as to give him a well-deserved fame among the insiders.


For those who want to try to understand how their competition is moving, the ideal SEO tool can turn out to be SpyFu . Thanks to its use, in fact, it is possible to trace all the domains that refer to a specific sector, in order to identify the strategies.

In particular, the program allows you to know:

  1. what are the keywords chosen by the competition on AdWords;
  2. the variations of the ad it used during the last 12 years in order to attract a greater volume of organic traffic and be able to sell more on its sites.

Once these data have been obtained, it is actually easier to create an SEO strategy capable of positioning your site in the best possible way on search engines.

A feature that is combined with the many advantages connected to the use of SpyFu, among which the convenience of the proposal stands out , considering how the paid plans start from 33 euros per month. So on a much lower level than what usually characterizes SEO tools.

However, if you want to have a professional version at your disposal, the cost goes up to 58 euros, again per month. While 199 are needed for the Team plan, the one that can be suitable for agencies and SEO professionals.

However, there is no possibility to try the program, even if the satisfied or reimbursed clause is in effect , to be exercised within the first 30 days. It is also possible to take advantage of a free version, which is considered very favorably by experts.

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Another application that can help those who intend to assert themselves in the SEO field is WooRank . The program allows you to have all the data you need on a particular website, in order to evaluate its degree of popularity, its positioning on search engines, the traffic it can generate, the way to interact with social media and others very useful information.

Features that make it a remarkable tool for all Search Engine Optimization professionals.

WooRank is a freemium program, which therefore presents a free version together with the paid one

Also in this case we are in the presence of a freemium package . Of course, the free version is used to give an idea of ​​the potential of the program, which is practically implemented in the paid solution, the one most suitable for those who work daily on SEO.

Among the prominent features of WooRank, an attractive graphic interface immediately stands out, unlike what usually happens for this kind of programs. Which mixes perfectly with ease of use, another feature that cannot be missing in this kind of products.

To take advantage of WooRank just enter the url of the web page you intend to analyze . In a very short time the instrument will return a long series of information connected to it. On which it will then be up to the SEO specialists to give the correct interpretation and draw the inspiration to prepare campaigns that can prove useful for their work.

SEO Hero

For those who do not intend to invest money in SEO, but still want to be able to take advantage of it in some way, a possible solution is represented by SEO Hero .

That is the free SEO tool developed by Walib Gabteni , considered an authority in the sector.

seo hero
SEO Hero starts from a keyword to analyze the contents of the first 100 pages classified for the same keyword

The operation of which takes place in a very simple way, as the program starts from a keyword to analyze the contents of the first 100 pages classified for the same keyword . Within which it extracts the related terms.

Among the things that make SEO Hero very interesting is the fact of working with bigrams and trigrams, or with sequences composed of two or three graphemes. It is in fact a modus operandi which is often rewarded by unexpected results. And, above all, useful for development work on a particular site, in order to finally lead it to climb the Google SERP.

A modus operandi which starts from a very precise observation: in order to better position one’s page, the insertion of the keyword in the right places may in fact prove insufficient .

If once it was thought that it was enough to give the right title to the page and dedicate oneself to the on-page optimization of the content, over time it was understood that the search engine favors the presence of the right words on some keys. In practice, those that Google, on which SEO Hero is set, expects to find when a page decides to dedicate itself to a certain topic.


Majestic is an SEO tool developed since 2008 by Majestic-12 Ltd., the use of which focuses on analyzing the backlink profile of a website.

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Its operation is based precisely on the incoming links on a specific domain, on which an analytical work must subsequently be carried out.

Which in turn will be based on data such as the anchor text used, the number of outgoing links of a page, the topics of the referring domains, the history of the backlinks and much other useful material to make sense of the work carried out.

Majestic is able to be very useful for those who intend to prepare a link building campaign

For those who propose to carry out a link building campaign , Majestic can prove to be a considerable aid. Going in particular to give an idea of ​​how the competition operates and to eliminate the real burden of a site, or the presence of links from irrelevant sources or to be included in the spam category.

Majestic offers three packages to interested parties:

  1. Lite , at a price of 46 euros per month , aimed at site owners who have no particular needs;
  2. Pro , at € 94 per month, which aims to help SEO professionals;
  3. API , at 379 euros per month, ideal for agencies that need a large amount of data and for developers.

A proposal therefore able to meet the most varied needs and such as to make Majestic one of the most performing products in absolute terms from an SEO perspective.

Consequently explaining the considerable appreciation in the sector. Its metrics, especially a few years ago, were highly regarded by SEO experts to evaluate the value of a site.

Let’s talk about the infamous TF (Trust Flow) and CF (Citation Flow), still implemented on the platform.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a software based on the use of a crawler, proposed by the homonymous company which operates in London. Thanks to the spider used, it is able to find a large number of information on the site subjected to its analysis, which can then serve as the basis for its SEO strategy.

The audit performed by the program can be performed both free of charge and for a fee . Of course, those who have minimal needs or are new to SEO experiences can start with the first version. While those who need a truly performing tool should certainly opt for the paid version. Which involves an outlay of 149 pounds per year.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider
Screaming Frog is a software based on the use of a crawler which has the task of finding the requested information

To understand the difference between the two versions, just remember that the free version allows you to scan a maximum of 500 URLs in a single session, making it suitable for sites with small dimensions.

The advantages guaranteed by Screaming Frog can be considered as follows:

  • the possibility of understanding what benefits the site analyzed from a purely technical point of view and any weaknesses;
  • that of highlighting redirects tainted by errors or other problems;
  • reporting of missing metadata;
  • the identification of contents that are not original.

In particular, the fact that the crawler is organized in such a way as to replicate the behavior of Googlebot , that is the main Google search spider, by adopting its standards, elevates the performance aptitudes of Screaming Frog .

Finally, giving life to a noteworthy evaluation. Finally, such as to prove to be an effective help for SEO specialists.

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Visual SEO Studio

Another product widely used by specialists in the sector is Visual SEO Studio . In this case, it is a crawling SEO tool designed by Federico Sasso , which allows you to simulate the typical behavior of the crawler on the site subjected to its examination.

Developed in a Windows environment, it can be installed on your personal computer, revealing itself to be a significant aid in the SEO audit phase.

At the end of the exam, in fact, it provides a whole series of measures aimed at improving the performance of the pages, at the same time reporting any anomalies capable of compromising more or less seriously the correct indexing of the site on the search engine. .

In particular, it is considered a free alternative to Screaming Frog , of which it replicates some methods of use.

The main features of Visual SEO Studio can certainly be considered:

  • the availability in several languages , among them the Italian;
  • the ability of the crawler to adapt to the answers provided by the server of the site being examined;
  • the possibility of dividing the crawling sessions according to the type;
  • to go and explore up to five sites simultaneously , using the “Explore multiple sites” option to do so;
  • automatic saving of the various scanning sessions.

If ultimately the program is limited to a basic SEO analysis, it is however able to provide valuable suggestions related to the on-page optimization of the scanned elements. Consequently, it is a good help for those who are not yet SEO experts or do not need professional services in this regard.


Compatible with Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox, SEOQuake is a free plugin that is responsible for examining the sites submitted to it in order to identify their characteristics, organic traffic and other data which can be valuable in the SEO field.

To do this, it uses the metrics of Google Index, Facebook Likes, Alexa Rank and much more, showing the data obtained directly on the SERP. Thus allowing the user to immediately have an idea of ​​the sites on which it would be appropriate to deepen the discussion.

What information does SEOQuake provide? In addition to the volumes of organic traffic related to each page, the following should be remembered:

  1. The Keyword Density , thanks to which you can be able to identify the keywords used by competitors in order to optimize their landing pages;
  2. the analysis of the internal and external links of the domain under examination;
  3. those that derive from the comparison of two sites.

All the material deriving from the SEOQuake exam is then grouped in the Serp Overlay screen, which offers an analysis based on 26 parameters . Which can be included or excluded according to the needs that move the user.

Ultimately, for those who intend to understand what are the reasons for the success of a competitor site and perhaps accept some elements within their positioning strategy, the plugin can prove to be a considerable aid.

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For those who are usually dedicated to the identification of non-original content, the ideal solution can be represented by Siteliner .

Why is such an SEO tool so important?

The reason is to be found in the fact that duplicate content entails a penalty by Google compared to those considered original. Especially since the Panda update, expressly delegated for this purpose, was released.

Siteliner Find Duplicate Content on your site
Siteliner is valuable as it identifies all non-original content within its site

Siteliner, therefore, undertakes to scan the entire web in search of this kind of content, then adding the work aimed at identifying factors considered important.

For example, broken links, the average speed of the pages examined, their size, the amount of links that characterize them and much more.

To be able to receive complete help in this sense, however , it is necessary to register on the site , obtaining the possibility of checking over 25 thousand pages. By failing to do so, this opportunity drastically halves, limiting operations to just 250.

Once the pages have been scanned, the program will return a report, which will specify the percentage of duplicate or common content, the size, the number of words and the average loading speed, internal, external and incoming links.

All the data is then compared with the average of all the other sites on the web. Thus managing to give a complete idea of ​​the quality of one’s own.

SEO Tester Online

To get an in-depth analysis of a site, you can also use SEO Tester Online , a suite designed to work in this direction.

The platform has in fact been designed with the precise intention of providing an assessment of the site’s performance , in particular by highlighting all errors capable of penalizing its positioning and the elements to be improved.

Advanced SEO Analysis Tools for your website SEO Tester Online
SEO Tester Line analyzes the site and identifies the errors that can penalize it in placement

It should then be emphasized that in addition to simple technical analysis, SEO Tester Line undertakes to offer a series of tools aimed at creating and optimizing content capable of making improvements capable of enhancing its qualities in the eyes of search engines.

To succeed in its purpose, the SEO tool uses a series of features, namely:

  1. SEO Checker , delegated to analyze a single page positioned within the proposed site;
  2. SEO Spider , which instead analyzes the entire site;
  3. Keyword Explorer , thanks to which it is possible to study and compare keywords, and other metrics considered fundamental;
  4. SEO Editor , very useful for developing an effective article from an SEO perspective;
  5. Copy Metrics , which analyzes a text to understand its strengths and any weaknesses.

Thanks to the ease of use and the presence of these tools, able to quickly identify any problems of the site such as to prevent its growth in terms of audience, SEO Tester Line is finally able to guarantee remarkable results.

Anyone who does not want to invest in such a program can take advantage of the free version .

While those who need a more performing SEO tool can instead choose between three subscription plans. Or:

  1. Personal , at a price of 29.95 euros per month , ideal for those who are taking their first steps in the sector;
  2. Professional , which involves an outlay of 79.95 per month, aimed at those who want to make their work on SEO more profitable;
  3. Business , the cost of which rises to 149.95 euros per month, aimed at agencies and professionals in the sector.
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You can also decide whether to choose month after month or to pay for a whole year, thus guaranteeing a saving of 15% on the final price .

It is also possible to take advantage of a free 15-day trial, to understand the potential of SEO Tester Line and to see if it is actually right for you.

Local Search Results Checker

Closing this round of SEO tools is BrightLocal’s Local Search Results Checker . Considered by experts as a very valuable work tool.

What makes it so is the ability to show search results from anywhere. Practically obeying the dictates of Local Search , or local search, one of the latest trends in SEO. The need from which this discipline moves is that of those who intend to attract users in a specific geographical area.

And it is precisely to it that Local Search Results Checker obeys, a program that offers three packages:

  1. Single Business , starting from 29 euros, ideal for businesses that have up to 3 locations;
  2. Multi Business , at a cost of 49 euros per month, recommended for companies with up to 6 offices;
  3. SEO Pro , complete plan for companies that manage over 100 locations.
  4. Example , if you are searching for keywords like Chiropractor Marketing, This SEO tool is a good find.

How does the program work? Just enter the keyword and the location from which you want to search, basing it for example on a postcode, street or city to start a Google Search or within Google Maps.

Which returns the first 10 pages of localized results for the chosen search term and location . Those who want to test the validity of the program first can still access a trial period for 14 days.


For those who intend to make the most of their site and monetize it, Search Engine Optimization must absolutely be taken into consideration. So much so that the professional figure of the SEO specialist is now considered one of the most sought after in the world of work.

But in order to do its job effectively, it needs powerful tools . Able to analyze what the competition has done and to relate it to their work. Precisely for this reason on the market it is possible to find a long series of tools which analyze the pages of a site, are responsible for reporting the presence of duplicate content, identifying broken or harmful links or the keywords necessary to achieve the best possible positioning on search engines and, in particular, on Google.

Not taking them into account can actually be the best way to limit the effectiveness of the work done. Also in consideration of the fact that many of these programs come in freemium edition , that is, alongside paid packages and completely free versions. Even the latter are often able to prove to be performing at the right point.

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