Link building and Copy writing Plan for the SEO strategy

We know well how important it is to be able to count on a link building plan capable of putting us in contact with an always new and different audience of users . This is why this step is crucial in the context of a correct SEO strategy .

User navigation is guided by interesting content

What makes a good link building plan? In summary, it allows web users to land and move freely on a site. This, thanks to the connections and links that are present among the resources made available . It is obvious that, therefore, the links present in a given content can never be placed at random (if the will is to maximize the result and conversions).

It is at this point that the copywriter intervenes , whose task in the content structuring phase is to direct the reader towards an in-depth study or a certain resource deemed capable of answering doubts, curiosities and questions . That same content, to be complete from an SEO perspective, must possibly also contain internal links .

They will refer to further information on the site and will relate to related topics, literally guiding the user in his browsing experience . As for the outgoing links , called ‘external’, these may refer to valuable content present on authoritative portals.

How to tell if a link building article is of quality

Obviously, when preparing the writing of content for link building we are not talking about an advertising text linked to the site to which the link refers, nor a cold and impersonal press release listing services and products. It must be set up as an in-depth analysis , resorting to the use – after adequate ‘keyword research’ and without ever exceeding – of the keywords most sought after by people on the subject.

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It will have to be useful and demonstrate that it offers added value to the site that is preparing to host it . It is necessary to write mainly for those who read, offering the opportunity to click on the in-depth link .

A link building copywriter offers interesting and original information, well contextualized and provided with the link . This is usually put above the fold, which is the high where the reader’s attention is strongest.

The link refers each time to the specific reference portal. For its part, the page that is linked must also be consistent with the link: deceiving the reader is always a mistake , leading him to resources other than those ‘promised’ in the content.

Tips for structuring the texts for a link building plan

The texts for link building must be:

  • written by the copy in good and fluent English,
  • free from grammatical or syntactic errors
  • of acceptable size

It is good not to go below 400/500 words. In addition, it is also useful to reduce the length of periods to facilitate reading and keep attention. The propensity to structure the text must be journalistic. It is wrong to aim only at the creation of content in which to place links and main and related keywords.

When the text is of high quality and the links are well positioned, a higher trust is offered to the portal . The activity must take a natural form, in this way it can also facilitate the interception of new spontaneous links (when these texts are shared by users because they are considered of value).

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