How to do link building : Complete Guide

Learning how to link building is very important. This SEO technique , in fact, allows the pages of a website to rank among the top search results.

Positioning high in the various SERPs is the best way to generate organic (and therefore free) traffic to your website.

In this article we will provide you with a more than exhaustive guide on how to do link building and improve your site’s ranking in search results.

Make yourself comfortable and take a few minutes all to yourself. At the end of this article, you may have discovered how to take advantage of one of the most powerful SEO techniques ever .

how to do link building a complte guide

What is link building

Link building is one of the most important SEO techniques of all.

Basically, it aims to increase the number and quality of external links pointing to a specific website.

Using this SEO technique well allows us to rank the pages of our websites among the top search results.

In the past it was very easy to do link building.

Search engines, in fact considered all external links valid that pointed to a website. To apply this technique, therefore, it was enough to get as many inbound links as possible to our website.

Over time, however, the algorithms that generate the various SERPs of search engines have become smarter.

LinkBuilding Infographic FB

They assign a certain value to each incoming link to a website.

Obtaining backlinks (links on third party sites that point to our website) indiscriminately , focusing only on quantity, is therefore no longer a good way to take advantage of this SEO technique.

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Nowadays we need to focus on the quality of the backlinks , which depends on the numerous factors that we will analyze in the next paragraphs.

The factors taken into account by search engines to analyze links, nowadays, are hundreds. Many of these factors are unknown, while others are known.

Before analyzing all the factors that affect the quality of a backlink, let’s analyze three fundamental elements when it comes to link building:

  • SERP
  • SEO Authority
  • Web Reputation

Let’s see in detail what they are and why they are closely related to link building.


SERP stands for “ Search Engine Results Page “, which in Canadian indicates the results page of a search engine.

Each time we search on Google (or any other search engine) we will get a page with a series of results ordered in a certain way. That page is basically a SERP.

The results shown within each single SERP are arranged in an orderly manner. That order is not random, but it is the result of a classification made by the results classification algorithm that is hidden behind the search engine we used.

Placing your website pages in the top positions of the SERP is the best way to get organic traffic.

The organic traffic is the flow of visits to our web site gets to you gratuitously and that, therefore, is distinguished from paid traffic (usually obtained through paid advertising campaigns).

The organic traffic obtained through SEO optimization is long-lasting and does not vanish like the traffic obtained on a temporary basis with advertising campaigns.

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Doing link building well is one of the best ways to improve the positioning of our website within the SERP.

To take advantage of this technique well, however, you need to know topics such as SEO Authority and Web Reputation .

These two things, in fact, greatly affect the quality of the backlinks and, therefore, must be absolutely known by those who want to do link building.

serp results page
Each search results page represents a SERP.

SEO Authority

The SEO authority (“SEO Authority”) is given by the set of all those metrics that indicate the chances a website has to obtain a good ranking within the SERP .

This metric is measured by many SEO Tools on the web. To measure it, each of these SEO Tool has developed its own proprietary algorithm.

The first platform to measure the SEO Authority, however, was provided by Moz. In this case, the SEO Authority takes the name of ” Domain Authority ” (usually abbreviated to “DA”).

keywords to links

Each site can get a Domain Authority ranging from 1 to 100. The higher this value, the more likely the site is to rank among the top results of a SERP.

The Google algorithm that assigned a certain SEO Authority to each site is similar to those mentioned above and took the name of ” PageRank “. The factors on which it relies to assign SEO authority to websites, of course, are largely unknown and today Google no longer has an official metric.

A good link building affects the SEO Authority of our website and depends on the SEO Authority of the sites on which our backlinks are inserted.

Getting many quality backlinks, in fact, will increase our SEO authority and, therefore, we will have more chances to see the pages of our site positioned among the first results of a certain SERP.

Furthermore, a backlink to be considered quality, among other things, must be on a website with a high SEO Authority.

The backlinks, in fact, see the value assigned to them by the Google algorithm closely linked to the SEO authority of the sites on which they are published. Here is a great piece by Respona that can help beginners on how to boost a sites Domain authority.

Web Reputation

Businesses nowadays have to heal their online reputation for numerous reasons.

First of all, before buying a product or relying on a company, people usually do a search on the Internet. Consumers highly value web views regarding companies and products.

Furthermore, even search engines are able to recognize those companies that have a high Web Reputation and reward them by positioning the pages of their Internet sites at the top of the SERP.

Obtaining a backlink within a site belonging to a company that has an excellent online reputation, for example, is better than getting one on a site of a company with a bad online reputation.

In the latter case, in fact, the link would also damage our reputation.

online reputation management 500x500 1

Let’s take a practical example . We run an online shop that sells baby products. A famous website of pediatricians inserts a link to one of our products in one of its articles. This backlink, in addition to being of high quality from the SEO point of view, also improves our online reputation because it is inserted on a highly respected site managed by pediatricians.

Wanting to summarize the whole discussion on SEO Authority and Web Reputation, the quality and reputation of the sites on which backlinks to our website appear are very important. It is not enough to insert random backlinks on poor quality sites, on social networks, in forums and so on. Quality and reputation are key!

Link characteristics analyzed by search engines

As already mentioned, the protagonists of the link building activity are the links.

The links we are going to create must have a series of characteristics to be judged as quality by the search engine algorithms.

Google has in the past revealed some of the factors it takes into account when judging backlinks. Let’s analyze the most important ones.

Age of the domain on which the backlink is inserted

Among the factors that Google takes into account when evaluating a backlink, is the age of the domain on which it is published.

The more years the domain has, the higher the backlink value will be .

Number of sites containing your backlinks

The amount of sites that contain backlinks to your website is really important.

In fact, recent studies have shown that pages that have a high number of incoming backlinks are very frequently found in the first position within the SERP.

Come fare link building backlink
The number of incoming backlinks greatly increases the chances of ending up in the top positions of the SERP.

Unique IPs the backlinks come from

Search engines can detect if the backlinks coming into our website come from sites that share the same IP. This will make the classification algorithm assume a clumsy attempt to artificially increase the backlinks to our website. In this case, the search engines will consider these backlinks as poor quality and may even penalize us.

The diametrically opposite case is that which concerns the origin of the backlinks from sites with unique IPs , different from each other. In this case the links will be considered of quality and rewarded.

Anchor text used for backlinks

The anchor text used to insert a link within a content is important. In general it must be a keyword that has to do with the content to which the link leads.

Alt Tag for images containing links

Images can also be used to contain backlinks.

Unlike text, however, they are not always recognized in a precise and contextualized manner by search engines.

For this reason it is important to use an Alt Tag for each image containing a link. This tag is used to provide search engines with a description of the image content .

The advice, therefore, is to use images that have to do with the topic on the page to which the link inserted within them will lead us back and describe them appropriately.

Number of pages containing the same backlink

If the same backlink is found on many different pages of various sites, it is viewed positively by the ranking algorithms of the SERP.

SEO authority of the pages containing the backlinks

In addition to the SEO Authority, there is also the authority of individual pages (called “ PageRank “ in jargon ).

Obviously, the higher this value, the more quality the backlinks inserted within these pages will be considered.

It is important to know about the existence of PageRank because there are cases in which the SEO Authority is high, but the PageRank is low and vice versa.

Backlinks from competing sites and from us sites

The SERP classification algorithms are also able to understand if a backlink is published from a well-known site in a certain sector or from a site that is our direct competitor.

This type of backlink, of course, has a very high value because it means that very important actors of a certain niche have wanted to mention us despite being very famous or our direct competitors.

Link tags

If a backlink is the result of an obvious sponsorship, it is better if we have it assigned the tag “ rel = sponsored ” or “ rel = UGC “. In some cases we may also ask you to use the “ rel = nofollowtag to tell search engines not to follow those links.

The reasons behind such choices can be many. The important thing is that each backlink is assigned the right tag. This behavior, in fact, is rewarded by the search engines.

Contextualize the links

Contextualizing the links within a web page is important in order to get them a positive evaluation .

If, for example, a link that leads back to a cake site is inserted within an article that talks about sweets, it will have more value than a link inserted at random on a blank page.

The same goes for words close to the backlinks, which help search engines understand their content.

For example, if I insert a link on the anchor text ” Apple “, other nearby words such as iPad, iPhone and Mac could help search engines understand that that backlink has to do with an electronics company and not with a fruit.

Backlink co-occurrences
Example of clarifying words.

Position of the backlinks

The position of the backlinks within the page also affects the value that is assigned to it by the search engines.

A backlink positioned at the top of a content , for example, has more value than one positioned at the bottom of the content or within the header or footer.

Link speed

Link speed is divided into two types of speed:

  • Positive speed , by which we mean the number of incoming links received in a certain period of time.
  • Negative speed , by which we mean the loss of incoming links over a certain period of time.

A good positive speed is considered an index of the quality of the website that enjoys it.

Conversely, a strong negative speed leads search engines to consider a website negatively.

Getting a good number of backlinks is therefore essential to enjoying positive speed.

velocità link come fare link buildingGraph showing the cumulative number of backlinks obtained in about a year from a website.

Age of backlinks

Most “backlink elderly ” are considered to have greater value than newer ones.

This means that the sooner you start building link, the sooner your backlinks will age and have more value .

Mutual backlinks

The ranking algorithms detect if you exchange reciprocal links with other websites.

This means that you will not be able to agree with other sites to post backlinks to each other, as this practice would harm your site from an SEO point of view.

Length and quality of content

The length of the content within which the backlinks are inserted is important.

A link inserted within a content of more than 1,000 words , for example, is considered of greater value than a link inserted in a very short content of 30 words .

Furthermore, the contents within which the links must be inserted must be of quality. An ungrammatical, difficult to read text with bad punctuation will negatively affect the links it contains.

Mistakes not to make when doing link building

We have seen what are the main factors that affect the quality of backlinks. Knowing them is essential for quality link building.

Reading some of the factors we have listed, however, one might believe that there are shortcuts to do link building activities quickly and easily.

Let’s clarify what these mistakes could be made .

Wrong techniques for increasing backlinks

Most of the mistakes that are made when doing link building independently involve using the wrong techniques to increase the number of incoming backlinks to our website.

Here are the tools that are not needed or that could harm us if we use them to increase our backlinks.

Do not perform link building with Social Networks

Those who are inexperienced might think that to increase the number of incoming backlinks to your site, it is enough to spam your links on the various social platforms.

In reality, such behavior is just a big waste of time .

Although search engines are able to detect links on social networks, they do not assign them a great value.

Usually, they don’t really rate them and don’t consider them as a positive factor from an SEO point of view.

Social networks, of course, remain an excellent tool for reaching a large audience, especially if you choose the right influencers and pages.

If, however, you were planning to flood Facebook or any other social network with links from your website, unfortunately, we must tell you that this activity is completely useless for link building.

The only links coming from Social that Google takes a little more into consideration are the backlinks coming from a Youtube video (the ones that are put in the description of the video). Simply because youtube videos are indexed more and more in the Google SERP and because Youtube, after all, is always part of Google.

Don’t do link building with Ads

Creating online ad campaigns is a good technique to temporarily increase traffic to your website or to be able to sell products quickly.

The links contained in the ads, however, are not considered as real backlinks .

If the ad is created through some ad sales service (eg Google Ads), in most cases the ad link will have the “nofollow” tag and will not be considered by the search engine ranking algorithm.

The same should be true for hand-created ads, perhaps via an advertisement on some website. Also in this case the links contained should have the tag “nofollow”.

When the ranking algorithm detects the nofollow tag , in theory, it should not follow that link and, therefore, not consider it from an SEO perspective. In fact, in some cases this type of link is also taken into account.

The reasoning used by the classification algorithms, as mentioned, is not entirely clear to anyone. The important thing is to always use all the correct tags and respect the known classification factors.

For example, if the algorithm realizes that a link that does not have the “nofollow” tag is inserted within an advertisement, it could penalize our website from an SEO point of view.

Ads OnlineThe links contained in online ads are not used for link building.

Don’t do link building with signatures in forums

In the past, classification algorithms were not as intelligent as those that exist today.

In fact, they considered as a valid backlink any link pointing to our domain and inserted on a third-party site.

People soon understood this and exploited it to their advantage by inserting links that led back to their website within the signatures of the forums .

Needless to say, this technique allowed many sites to find themselves with excellent links , at least for the times.

Fortunately, things have changed. Currently, in fact, classification algorithms realize if a signature contains a backlink and ignores it.

The most serious case is the one in which the backlink is inserted in real messages on the forum. In that case, the algorithm could detect the user’s intention to spam their links and could penalize them .

Using the forums as a shortcut to do link building independently, therefore, is highly discouraged.

Don’t Rely on foreign domains

Paying for domains with an extension other than .ca or .com to insert backlinks to your site will not help you from an SEO point of view.

In fact, if your site is aimed at an Canadian audience, the highest quality backlinks will be those published by other Canadian sites or, at most, with the .com extension.

In reality, the discussion is not so much on the extension of the domain (which by now does not affect that much), as on the language of the contents.

Relying on foreign domains that for very little money will publish your backlinks, therefore, is useless and could harm you from an SEO point of view.

Example, if your business is focusing on Affordable SEO Toronto, then your links must come from websites in Toronto or Canada. And not from the other part of the work like UK, Australia or USA.

Regional links will help drive relevant traffic and also help rank up quickly, links from other regions will help too, but mostly in pushing the domain authority and SEO Score.

Don’t Spam in the comments section of websites

Many websites offer a comments section for every article they post (all sites, for example, done on WordPress).

It goes without saying that these comment sections are mostly targeted by bots and people who have the goal of spamming their website links.

Assuming that in 99% of cases there is a moderator who blocks these spam messages at the source, the classification algorithms heavily penalize the sites to which these links lead from an SEO point of view .

Believing to do link building by spamming in the comments section of websites, therefore, is among the most wrong possible things to do.

Don’t over use web directories

Web directories are website aggregators . They classify websites into categories and make it easier for users to use information.

Generally speaking, SERP classification algorithms view web directories as site containers and, in many cases, consider them spam.

The links contained within them, therefore, not only will not help us from an SEO point of view, but could even harm us !

Don’t overly Rely on a PBN

The acronym of PBN indicates the Private Blog Network.

This blog network, generally, is made up of sites that exploit expired domains that in the past have had a quality positioning from the SEO point of view.

The sole purpose of this network is to insert backlinks in each of its sites that lead back to a main site.

Search engines, of course, quickly notice these PBNs and in most cases judge them negatively.

It must be said that there are also PBNs made up of high quality site networks , which have a high SEO score and obtained in a natural way.

Understanding which PBN to rely on, however, is not easy and that is why we advise you not to do it independently . If you were to rely on the wrong PBN, you would only risk penalizing your website.

How to do link building in Canadian Market: best techniques and platforms

We have made a more than exhaustive overview of what are the main backlink classification factors and what are the mistakes not to make when doing link building.

Let’s now see what are the best techniques on how to do link building . We will see if it is convenient to do it independently and we will also show you two platforms that will make it very easy for you to use this powerful SEO technique.

Work with Pro link building Agency

A first solution to be able to do link building, of course, is to proceed independently.

To be able to follow this path you will have to:

  • Contact hundreds of sites .
  • Analyze these sites from an SEO point of view.
  • Prepare the texts to be published.
  • Optimize texts from an SEO point of view.
  • Check that the hundreds of factors that influence the beautiful SERP ranking of the sites you rely on are taken into account by their owners.
  • Optimally manage link publication times.

The points listed above represent only a very small part of everything that you will have to pay attention to if you want to do link building on your own.

Searching for sites on your own to collaborate with and create all the material needed to carry out the collaboration will take you a lot of time .

In addition, you will have to carefully check if the sites you are going to go to are really of quality or if they are red herrings.

In our opinion, if you want to do a well done link building campaign, the best solution is to rely on professionals in the sector .

Buy Guest Single Guest Post on Nova SEO Services

Nova SEO Services is one of the best platforms on the web to start a link building campaign.

The platform offers many useful services, which allow those who use them to get noticed on the web quickly, but at the same time healthy and natural.

Among the services offered by the platform we point out:

  • Drafting and publication of SEO-optimized articles on Newspapers and Blogs Google news (the best way to do link building)
  • Creation and management of influencer marketing campaigns
  • Creation and management of online advertising campaigns (Ads)
  • Provision of copywriting services
  • Webdesign/landing page Design to help improve SEO Score
  • Website maintenance services to keep website safe and highly optimized for SEO Performance

The services offered by Nova SEO Services, in a nutshell, help you to improve your positioning on Google and to make yourself known to an audience as vast and targeted as possible!

In our case, since we are talking about how to do link building, the service that interests us most is the one related to SEO articles. Let’s analyze it in detail.

Link building with Nova SEO Services

To do link building using Nova SEO Services, we need to take advantage of its SEO optimized article writing service.

We can choose whether to publish the article on:

  • A blog
  • A newspaper
  • A blog on Google News

Once we have chosen the option we prefer, we will be shown the ” list of packages

Selection of a package based on the DA of the website.

Having selected the package we prefer, we will only have to indicate how soon we want to publish the article, which keyword and anchor text to use  in the article.

Furthermore, we will be able to insert a link of our choice within each article . In this way we will be able to do link building through the service offered by Nova SEO Services.

Advantages offered by Nova SEO Services

The main advantage offered by using Nova SEO Services to do link building is that we will be able to save a lot of time and get a very high quality service .

Nova SEO Services, in fact, will take care of the drafting of the articles and will publish them only on SEO-optimized sites . The same will also apply to the text of the articles, which will be written by professional copywriters and optimized to the maximum in terms of SEO.

Needless to say, attention will also be paid to all known factors that positively impact backlink evaluation by search engine ranking algorithms.

Your link building campaign done through Nova SEO Services, therefore, will be extremely efficient and you will not risk getting scammed as you might if you wanted to proceed independently.


You will have understood, therefore, that Nova SEO Services allows you to do link building in a very fast and extremely effective way .

Your website, if you use Nova SEO Services, will improve a lot from the SEO point of view and the results will be tangible in a few hours!

Bulk or Monthly Guest Post packages offered by Nova SEO Services

Let’s summarize what Nova SEO Services monthly Guest post packages does:

  1. Writing between 10 and 120 articles . These articles will be SEO optimized, they will contain images SEO optimized too, they will be at least 500 words and they will talk about a topic indicated by you. They, of course, will be written by professional copywriters.
  2. Publication of articles on between 10 and 120 blogs , all owned and maintained independently. No PBN or link Farms.. All these blogs, of course, are SEO optimized.
  3. Every single published article will be subjected to a positioning campaign on Google , in order to make the Nova SEO Services service even more efficient.
  4. Inserting a link in every single article . Every single article will see the insertion of a link indicated by you. This way your link building campaign will be extremely efficient!

Who can use Nova SEO Services monthly Guest post Package

Nova SEO Services monthly Guest post Package is suitable for all those companies that want to improve their positioning on Google. The service is able to guarantee large quantities of articles published in such a way as to be as natural as possible in the eyes of the classification algorithms. This will allow the site linked within the individual articles to find itself with a very high level link building campaign done within a few weeks.

This service can be of interest to all those who have a website and want to increase their organic traffic and their online reputation :

  • Companies
  • Professionals
  • Associations and organizations
  • Private citizens
  • Artists
  • Influencers, youtubers and so on!
Nova SEO Services month Guest post Package has been a great success since its launch.

Advantages of using Nova SEO Services month Guest post Package

The advantages that lie behind the use of Nova SEO are so many.

Even if it’s not simple, let’s try to summarize them:

  1. Indexing and positioning on Google within 24/72 hours . Such a short period of time to be indexed by Google and improve your ranking is not found every day. It can be considered a real record time.
  2. Positioning on Google based on specific keywords . Thanks to Nova SEO we will be able to position ourselves in excellent positions on Google based on specific keywords. This means that if a person searches for the keyword you asked to use in the articles at Nova SEO, they will most likely find your site in the search results in the first positions!
  3. Link building included . As already said countless times, inserting a backlink that redirects to our website in each of these articles will allow us to benefit from the advantages of link building in a very short time.
  4. Improvement of the Web Reputation . The publication of hundreds of articles that speak well of us will obviously improve our reputation on the web. A direct effect of this will be the increase in user confidence in us.
  5. Long lasting results . Unlike the classic online ad campaigns, which are still useful in certain situations, the results of Nova SEO are permanent. The incoming traffic that we will get with the service, in fact, will be organic traffic and will last over time. This means that the number of visitors to our site will remain high even after the end of the Nova SEO campaign and will not decrease as it does for online advertising campaigns.


The prices of Nova SEO Services month Guest post Package, compared to those of the competition, are extremely low, despite the very high quality service.

Below are three of the packages offered by Nova SEO:

  • Bundle 10 Guest Post> $400
  • Solution 30 Guest Post> $1200
  • Package 80 Guest Post> $3000

*All prices in USD

How to do backlinks analysis?

In order to analyze the quality of a website and the links within it, there are numerous platforms on the web.

This is certainly not the place to analyze these platforms in detail , since an explanation about their operation would take a long time, but we will indicate some that could be useful during your link building activity:

  • Moz. The platform offers a number of useful tools to analyze keywords, websites, backlinks and everything related to the world of SEO.
  • Semrush. It is one of the most popular and powerful SEO analytics platforms in the world. It allows you to analyze domains, keywords, URLs and so on. The platform is used by companies such as Apple, Tesla, P&G, IBM, Walmart, Nike, Decathlon and many more!
  • Ahref is one of the excellent SEO analysis tool. This platform also offers very valid features to carry out a more than exhaustive analysis of backlinks.

One tool we want to focus on for a moment is Google Search Console .

This tool allows you to understand how many backlinks to our site are recognized by the search engine. Furthermore, through it, we will be able to deny those backlinks not to our liking.

Google Search Console to remove unwanted backlinks

Sometimes, Google may start penalizing our website for various reasons.

Behind these penalties there could be servers that are off for long periods, malware in the site files or even poor quality backlinks .

First of all, by going to Search Console, in the ” link ” section we will have to click on the item ” sites with main links “. The page that will appear in front of us will show us all the backlinks recognized by Google and which, therefore, have an influence on our website.


Backlink Google Search Console
An example of the dashboard that counts the backlinks related to a website. The screenshot shows the backlinks obtained from a website after a link building campaign.

Although Google does not recommend its use by those who do not know it, there are techniques for eliminating harmful backlinks. These techniques, in jargon, are called ” disavow techniques“, techniques of denial.

To use this technique, you need to upload a file containing all the URLs you want to reject. The operation is complex and is described at the following link.


Doing link building alone is not easy , but fortunately there is Nova SEO Services ready to deploy its army of Link Building Specialists when your business requires. It is essential to improve your positioning on Google and we can only recommend you to put this powerful link building guide to a good use .

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