Keyword analysis: what it is and how to do it

The keyword analysis is important in order to allow the pages of our website to rank well within the search results .

In fact, it allows us to find those keywords that have all the right requirements to bring the pages that contain them to success in the SERP.

In this guide we will explain what it is and how to do a keyword analysis.

Make yourself comfortable and reserve a few minutes for yourself. At the end of this reading you will know how to use a fundamental tool to be successful on the web.

keyword research

Keyword analysis: what it is

The keyword analysis can be translated into many languages as ” keyword analysis “.

It is used to find those terms that help us get a good ranking within the search results.

For example, if we have a site that deals with household appliances, the keyword on one of the pages of the site could be “blender”.

The example we have given is clearly trivial. In fact, it is not enough to find a word that is in theme with the content that we are going to insert on the page.

A good keyword must have several characteristics at the same time :

  • Be on topic
  • Have high search volumes
  • Don’t have too much competition
  • Have a high CPC

These are just some of the characteristics that a potential keyword must possess.

Because it is important

Keyword analysis is important for success on the web.

In Canada alone, almost 50 million people connect to the internet every day . The most visited website is Google, which exceeds one and a half billion visits per month in Canada alone.

Doing a good keyword analysis can allow us to convey part of all this traffic to our website.

In fact, the best incoming traffic to a website is organic.

Organic traffic is what you get for free. For example, if a user clicks on an unsponsored search result, they will be counted as an organic visitor.

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The main advantage of organic traffic lies in the fact that, once obtained, it can last a long time.

For example, if we launch an online advertising campaign using a service such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads, we will get a lot of traffic in a short time. As soon as the advertising campaign ends, however, this traffic will vanish into thin air.

To get a lot of organic traffic, we need to SEO optimize our website.

The SEO optimization of a website involves the use of a series of precautions that have to do with:

Those listed, of course, are just some of the many elements on which you need to work to optimize a website from an SEO point of view.

Among these elements, as mentioned several times, is the keyword analysis.

Finding the right keywords can help us rank better within the SERP and get a lot of organic traffic.

Websites that manage to position themselves on the first page of a SERP can consistently generate high volumes of traffic.

What is SERP

We took it for granted that you could know the meaning of the word SERP. In order to be clearer, we explain what this acronym stands for.

SERP, which stands for “ Search Engine Result Page “, indicates the pages of the search results.

For example, if we perform a search on Google, the results that will be returned to us will be part of a SERP.

Being able to rank among the top results of a SERP for a given keyword, as mentioned before, allows us to get a lot of traffic for free.

In order to position yourself well within a SERP, you need to optimize a website from an SEO point of view and you need to study the keywords we want to use well.

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Keyword analysis

Who can use the keyword analysis?

The keyword analysis can be especially useful for those who want to improve their web presence and use the Internet to run their business.

This analysis, for example, can be used to find the most searched terms by our potential customers . Identifying such terms, of course, would be a huge advantage because we would have a better chance of being found in the search results by the potential customer who is looking for a certain product or service.

A good keyword analysis can also be useful to public figures , especially those involved in politics. Identifying those terms most sought after by our potential voters, in fact, will allow us to “intercept” them when they perform a search on Google.

Even online newspapers and blogs should give serious consideration to the keyword analysis.

Unlike eCommerce , which can economically support advertising campaigns that allow them to increase the sales of a certain product for a certain amount of time, online publications cannot always use this strategy.

Indeed, not having a real product to sell, they must focus on maximizing organic traffic. One of the ways to aim for the increase in organic traffic, as mentioned, is the analysis of keywords.

What characteristics should a keyword have

In the past , it was enough to identify any keyword and repeat it over and over again within a web page.

Search engine algorithms were not yet as intelligent as the current ones and only took into account the number of times a certain keyword repeated itself within a page.

This situation escalated to the point where many sites had lists of the most searched keywords and hid them within the code of a page, even if that page dealt with a completely different topic than what the hidden keywords were referring to.

To be clear, maybe you searched on Google for “apple pie recipe” and you were returned the results of the Serie A football matches.

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Fortunately, the situation has changed and search engines (in this article we will refer specifically to Google) have made their algorithms smarter.

The behaviors illustrated above, in fact, are now punished and what is rewarded is the quality of a web page and its content.

Leaving aside the SEO aspects regarding the position of a keyword, its frequency and how to use it, let’s analyze what are the characteristics that a keyword must have to be considered of quality. Among these features are:

  • Search volume
  • Competition
  • Cost Per Click
  • Conversions

Before starting our analysis, however, it is right to specify that when we talk about “keyword” we are not referring only to single words, but also to small phrases such as “how to get the blue check on Facebook”.

Now we can also continue with our analysis.

Search volume

Search volume indicates how many times a certain keyword is searched for by users.

Generally, the search volume is considered daily, weekly or at most monthly.

A keyword like “Facebook”, for example, has search volumes equal to millions of searches per day . Other keywords, such as “bird feed”, however, have more modest search volumes, usually in the hundreds or thousands of searches per day.

One might think, therefore, that the higher the search volume of a keyword, the better that word is. This is not entirely true.

When we go to evaluate the search volume of a keyword, we must also take into account the niche to which it refers .

The search volume of a certain keyword, therefore, must be high, but relative to the user niche to which the keyword refers.

Furthermore, it must also be taken into account that keywords with high search volumes have greater competition. We will analyze this aspect later.

Our goal is to convert some of these search volumes into organic visits to our website.

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To do this we must rely on the SEO optimization of our web pages and the inclusion of keywords wisely within high quality content.

Relying on an SEO expert copywriter usually allows us to convert these search volumes well.


In the previous paragraph we mentioned competition.

In everyday life, we talk about competition when someone sells the same product as us and, therefore, occupies the same market segment as us.

When we talk about competition in keyword analysis, however, we refer to other websites that use the same keywords as us.

As we wrote, finding a keyword that has high search volumes within the user niche we are referring to would be great. The other side of the coin, however, is that large search volumes generally match a lot of competition .

This means that some keywords already have many web pages that use them and that positioning among the first results of the SERP using them requires a lot of effort.

Keywords with a lot of competition require perfect SEO optimization of the page and the related content in which they are inserted. Just using that keyword won’t be enough to outperform the competition .

The ideal would be to find a keyword with high search volumes, but at the same time with little competition.

Doing this, of course, is not easy, but neither is it impossible.

It should also be emphasized that SEO optimization must be done even if we find a keyword with high search volumes and with little competition. Over time, in fact, competition could increase and the only way to keep it at bay is to have a site and content optimized from an SEO point of view.

Cost Per Click

Cost Per Click, abbreviated to CPC , is the cost that an advertiser pays for every single click generated through a paid ad.

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This value is calculated by dividing the total cost of the online advertising campaign by the number of clicks made by users.

As you probably know, online advertisements are shown to users based on the searches they make and the content they view. This has the consequence that certain keywords lead to the display of certain advertisements.

If on our website we have banners that show personalized ads based on users, therefore, it is our interest to use those keywords that allow us to generate a higher CPC.

Generally, the keywords that have to do with the world of finance are those that offer the highest CPCs. If you switch to consumer goods such as phone covers, for example, the CPC can drop significantly.

In this regard, it is good to find a balance between competition, search volumes and CPC .

Through keyword analysis, for example, we can find a keyword that has very low search volumes, but little competition and a high CPC. This keyword could be of interest to us because, despite the few visits, it can still guarantee us good income.

Another case is that of a keyword with a very low CPC and with an average competition, but with very high search volumes. This keyword could also be interesting, as long as we can convert part of the search volume that concerns it.

In short, keywords must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


  1. The conversion rate, generally, tells us how many users, out of the total who visit our website, perform an action that we want. These actions may include subscribing to a newsletter, selling a product, completing a survey, etc. There is a theory that there are various categories of keywords. Each of these categories more or less pushes users to perform a certain action (and therefore generate a conversion). Below, listed from those that convert the most to those that convert the least, we list these categories:
    1. Brand terms . This is the category that contains all the keywords related to a certain brand. If a user searches for a keyword containing the name of this brand, it is because they want to buy that specific product. It is the category that converts the most. An example would be “Nike sneakers”.
    2. Product terms . This category includes those keywords that describe and reflect a product. An example would be “sneakers”.
    3. Competitor terms . This category concerns the use of keywords also used by the competition with the hope of intercepting part of its users. An example would be the use in the same text of “Nike shoes” and “Adidas shoes”.
    4. Substitute product terms . Category that includes all those keywords that indicate substitute products for those we sell.
    5. Complementary product terms . This category includes those keywords concerning complementary products to what we sell.
    6. Audience terms . All keywords that do not fit into the previous categories.
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How to do a keyword analysis

We have seen what keyword analysis is and what are the characteristics that a keyword must enjoy.

However, analyzing by hand all the data necessary to understand the value of a keyword is really impossible.

Fortunately, there are many tools on the Internet that are suitable for this purpose and can help us select the keywords that are right for us.

Let’s quickly analyze the most important of these tools.

Google Keyword Planner

Google’s keyword planning tool is one of the most useful tools for understanding the value of a keyword.

It is available for free within the Google Ads dashboard . All we have to do to use it is to click on the wrench at the top right of the Google Ads dashboard and then click on “keyword planner”. We will find ourselves in the following screen:

google keywords planner
 Google’s keyword planner is extremely intuitive.

Within this screen, in addition to a table that shows us all the advertising plans regarding certain keywords, there are two tools:

  • Find keywords
  • Get search volume and forecasts

By clicking on the first of these two tools, the following screen will be shown:


Within it we will be able to use the domain filter and keyword search. Within the keyword search, by way of example, we have entered the words “sneakers”.

The following screenshot was returned to us:

google keyword planner
 Google Keyword Planner results screen.

It contains all the essential data to know to evaluate the keyword we searched for and the related keywords. Among these data is the average of monthly searches, the competition, the CPC for the various types of ads concerning these keywords.

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There are also drop-down screens on the right to help us refine a keyword.

The ” get search volume and forecasts ” tool will give us a reduced version of the screenshot shown above.

google keyword planner

The main advantage of Google’s Keyword Planner is that it is easy to use and totally free .


Ubersuggest is a tool that allows us to analyze the domains and keywords we submit to it under various aspects. As an example, let’s go back to the keyword “sneakers”.

Once the keyword has been entered in the Ubersuggest analysis tool, the following page will be returned:

uber suggest
Ubersuggest’s analysis results screen is very intuitive.

The following items will appear in the foreground:

  • Search volume . It indicates the searches carried out using that keyword within a month.
  • SEO Difficulty . The higher this value is, the higher the competition will be when it comes to obtaining organic traffic through this keyword.
  • Paid Difficulty . The higher this value, the harder it will be to get clicks thanks to this keyword in paid advertising campaigns.
  • CPC . It shows us how much an average click is paid for an ad linked to this keyword.

Scrolling down the page, in addition to being able to view a graph concerning the search volumes, we will find ourselves in front of the following data:

keywords ideas
Ubersuggest also suggests other keyword ideas.

These are related keywords (with related data) and data relating to users who search using the keyword we have analyzed.

Continuing to scroll on the page, we will also be shown links that lead back to pages that already use the keyword we have analyzed:

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The links that lead back to the pages that include the keyword we have analyzed are very useful for studying the competition.

To make the most of Ubersuggest, unfortunately, we will have to activate a subscription plan . The service that the platform offers, however, is good and simple to use, so considering activating a subscription plan might not be a bad idea.


Another very popular platform among SEO experts around the world is Ahrefs. Among the many services it offers, of course, there is also that of keyword analysis.

To analyze a keyword, all we have to do is enter it in the following screen:

Ahrefs keyword analysis offers a very interesting feature: that of analyzing keywords based on the search engine on which we want to be searched.

One of the interesting things about Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer is that we can analyze keywords based on the search engine on which we assume they will be searched. If, for example, we are Youtubers, this keyword analysis service is suitable for our needs, which we cannot say about the services previously analyzed.

In any case, starting the analysis of a keyword we will be given a screen like this:

Ahrefs’ data screen is also very intuitive.

In the screen we will be able to admire the following data in the foreground:

  • Competition on the keyword
  • Search volume
  • Clicks generated (divided into organic and paid)
  • CPC
  • Research volumes divided by country

Ahrefs, like other platforms, will also suggest related keywords to us.

Other tools

We have shown you just some of the tools that can be used to perform a keyword analysis. On the web, of course, there are many others. Among them, for example, there are:

There are so many tools, but the best ones, unfortunately, are paid.

Despite the wide availability of tools to find keywords and to analyze those available to us, to improve your presence on the web it is not enough just to use quality keywords.

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To increase organic traffic to our website, in fact, we need to know in depth the whole wide range of SEO techniques.

Fortunately, there are services that can do this for us.

Support services for keyword analysis

As we mentioned, having a great keyword is no longer enough to rank high in the SERP.

Even the competition, in fact, knows the tools and techniques that we have shown you so far and uses them as best they can.

The search and use of an excellent keyword , therefore, must be accompanied by other techniques that will allow the pages of our website to rank among the top search results. These techniques must aim to increase the SEO authority of our website in such a way as to make it appear better in the eyes of search engines than other websites.

However, increasing the SEO authority of a site by yourself is not easy. We have therefore identified two services that can improve the SEO Authority of your website for you. They are:

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Using Nova SEO Services to get backlinks and guest posts offers numerous benefits.

The first advantage concerns the SEO authority of the sites on which the guest posts will be published. They all have a high SEO Authority and, therefore, also positively affect the SEO authority of the site to which the backlinks lead.

Another advantage lies in the Nova SEO Services team of professionals . It is made up of copywriters, computer scientists and SEO experts, who know how to write quality texts and, at the same time, improve the positioning in the SERP of websites.

An advantage not to be overlooked is that Nova SEO Services, by increasing our SEO authority, will allow us to obtain organic traffic, which is lasting over time.

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Last but not least, another advantage of Nova SEO Services is that it allows us to obtain great results while saving a lot of time !


Nova SEO Services experts, in fact, will prepare a number of articles between 10 and 120 and publish these articles on a number of sites that varies between 10 and 120.

Everything, of course, will depend on how you want to have your guest posting campaign set up.

Furthermore, each of these articles will contain a backlink that leads back to a site indicated by you.

The articles, of course, will be SEO optimized and, therefore, will be rewarded by search engines .

The websites on which the articles will be published will also enjoy an excellent SEO Authority.


Nova SEO Services promises results within 2-3 weeks. In this period of time, your site will already begin to notice the first improvements regarding the positioning in the SERP.

The packages available to those who want to take advantage of Nova SEO Services are:

  • 10 items> $399
  • 15 items> $570
  • 20 items> $720

Benefits Nova SEO Services

The advantages offered by Nova SEO Services are remarkable.

The service, first of all, will allow us to improve our positioning in the SERP in a very short time.

The traffic that will be generated by using the service will also be organic. This means that it will last over time and won’t fade away like with paid advertising campaigns.

Nova SEO Services also has a rich team of copywriters and SEO experts who will surely be able to improve the SEO authority of your website.


A careful keyword analysis can help us identify high-value keywords . The use of a good keyword alone, however, will not allow us to position ourselves well in the search results.

It is therefore important to increase the SEO authority of our website, perhaps using services such as Nova SEO Services!

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