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Search engines and customers love high-quality content. But what really hits a home run is great content optimized with local keywords. Useful, informative, locally-focused content shows that you’re an authority in what you do, and you’re in the area where your prospects live. It helps people trust you even before they decide to buy.

That’s why it’s vital to locally optimize your content – you want ideal clients who live near you finding that information. And when you regularly publish locally-optimized content, search engines will reward you. Google has specific map and local pack search results that highlight nearby businesses, which can push you even above the first result.

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Get a Better ROI From Local SEO Services

At Nova SEO Services Toronto, our local SEO consultants create optimized content that primes the right kind of visitors to become your best clients.

The locally optimized content you get as part of your monthly affordable SEO service package is:

  • Authoritative: Because your content should prove you’re the best in your area. When your articles are well-optimized to do that, you’ll get shares and links from other sites
  • Optimized for SEO: So every article you publish pushes your site higher on Google for the local keywords that attract more nearby customers
  • Targeted: To draw in those local prospects who are most likely to buy what you offer, keep them on your site longer, and guide them to contact you first

Our team of articles writers, editors, and organic search experts create locally-optimized content that drives long-term growth — and it’s all included when you work with Nova SEO Services.

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Your Business Is Unique — And Your Local Optimization Should Be, Too

That’s why we do a deep-dive into your company first. Before creating the online marketing strategy that will get your local business found, we:

  • Discover how visitors are engaging with your current content — and where they’re dropping off
  • Research the local phrases your ideal customers are searching for online
  • Find out how your company meets nearby clients’ needs better than your competitors
  • Understand what content local customers need to feel confident connecting with your business first
  • Audit your competitors’ local keywords to find ways you can stand out

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Nova SEO’s Local Content Optimization Service

Content and local optimization go hand-in-hand, and that’s why you get both with Nova SEO Services. 

Your locally-focused content is planned and developed in-house, with oversight from your specific account manager. It’s why we’re one of the best local SEO agencies for Canadian and U.S. businesses.

Content Strategies

After you choose to work with us, we create a custom local content strategy for your company. Some local SEO companies use a “one-size-fits-all” approach, but not Local SEO Search. Our writing team works with our local search experts to develop a unique plan, in consultation with you. You’ll be surprised at how many creative ways we can come up with to bring perfect local customers to your site!

Content Writing

All local businesses need more blog content to keep their site fresh. These articles engage leads in your area, use focused keywords, and make sales. You likely also need more core website pages detailing local offers and driving traffic. As part of your plan, you’ll get both. Our local content optimization includes research, writing and editing. 

Content Publishing

Finally, you can be hands-off with your local optimization confidently. That’s because we do the work of discovering local keywords, planning outreach, and publishing content to your website and your social channels. Everything is triple-checked by our content manager before it goes live and is laid out attractively by our web team.

Often your local content needs a boost to start ranking in search. Part of local optimization is having content with links from other sites, but getting those links is time-consuming. Our team outreaches other similar niche sites to negotiate link partnerships and get you high quality backlinks from that particular websites existing pages.

Through manual outreach, we contact bloggers and high authority websites to secure a guest post, and include your link in a relevant way. We then write and publish a carefully crafted article on that particular website with links back to your site. This helps deliver more signals and website authority to the specific page.

Ongoing Monitoring

A successful local search strategy is maintained by measurement. We keep track of what’s working on your site so we can keep optimizing. You’ll also have our team monitoring your competitors’ local keywords, so you can stay a step ahead. We also take care of web design flaws and updates.


What is local seo and how is it different from organic SEO?

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your online presence so that your business has better visibility in the relevant local searches on various search engines. It helps to drive in more leads that can translate to more business. 

The main difference of it from organic SEO is the geographical context. If the keyword search is the combination of service + location, a local SEO-optimized business has higher chances of appearing in the suggestions. Organic SEO helps to feature prominently when the search is being done for a piece of information without specifying any location. 

50 % of the searchers tend to visit the local business within 24 hours. Local listing citations help local SEO by providing information to the search engine about the location of your business. Hence effective citation management help in the business ranking higher. This, in turn, creates links back to your website, thereby contributing towards better visibility in the organic searches as well.  

Local SEO makes use of GMB Optimization for Google to gain more understanding of your business – services offered, location, website, etc. This enables your business to be visible in more relevant local searches made. Nearly 90 % of the local online searches are done via the Google Search engine.  

Furthermore, Our Local SEO Agency also focuses on managing your online reviews. Better reviews help the customers who are doing a local search to opt for you over the competition. This also has an effect on the organic search, as better reviews, increased traffic to your website, and online references can help in improved ranking on organic searches.

Why is local seo soo important?

Local SEO plays an important part in enhancing business opportunities.


  • More than 50 % of those who searched online go to the local business store within a day.
  • Around 50 % of those conducting searches on mobile are looking for a local business.
  • Nearly 18 % of the local searches on mobile lead to sales within a day.
  • Furthermore, around 78 % of the local searches made on mobile end up providing business for the offline store.
  • Nearly 12 % of consumers look online for local businesses.

The data shows that businesses must rank high in local searches and gain more visibility. The resultant leads tend to be more relevant and provide comparatively immediate business. Local SEO Services can help take leverage.

How can Local SEO services help your business grow?

There are various benefits that local SEO can offer in developing the business :


  • For example ,a chiropractor marketing his business in a local area will need to hire an agency which knows about the ranking environment in that particular area.
  • It helps in getting more local visibility, which in turn generates more foot traffic, thereby sales.
  • Local SEO Services like Citation building, Online review management, etc. can create confidence and attract more customers.
  • Optimizing for local searches can help in having more targeted traffic, which is relevant to your business.
  • Content Management and Link Building services as part of local SEO enable you to increase the relevancy of your site.
  • Using tools like Google My Business optimization (GMB Page optimization) can enhance visibility on Google Maps.
  • An online profile and trust in the business can be built using Rep
what are local citations and directories?

A local citation is any online mention of the name, address, contact details, etc. of a local business. Citations assist internet users in discovering local businesses. These citations can be found in local business directories on various social media marketing platforms, websites, etc. Optimized business listings can help businesses to improve their search engine rankings.

why should you hire a local seo agency?

Many DIY resources advise how to do local SEO. However, hiring a Local SEO Agency provides an edge.


  • Local SEO Services provided by professionals have comparably higher quality.
  • A professional Digital Marketing Agency has better understandings of the market and helps to gain the best of the opportunities and resources.
  • They can develop better and more comprehensive solutions for promoting the business through effective social media management.
  • Their understanding of an Advanced SEO Company can help identify high-value keywords and develop the optimized content as per the keywords.
  • A local SEO agency can draw up information from other businesses or clients which they serve and utilize that understating & experiential learning for your business.
what is an seo strategy?

An SEO strategy is a blueprint of activities that help to rank a website on top of search results. SEO strategy is a long term solution to free and natural traffic to your site. 

SEO strategy evolves daily. Thus careful analysis and flexible marketing approach is the best ingredients of SEO strategy followed by experts at Nova SEO services.

how long does it take for seo to take effect?

Organic SEO starts showing results as early as 4-6 months. But bear in mind these results are just the beginning, and SEO grows over time.

The initial results that you're getting at 6 months should be considerably less than what you're getting at 12 months. SEO is a long term strategy, patience and commitment are the key to a successful Ecommerce SEO Services/campaign.

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