6 bridal shower invitation ideas. 

Sending out invites seems like a tedious task but it sets up the mood for the whole event. So, if you are holding a bridal shower – here are some ideas for a perfect bridal shower invite!

Add treats 

It can get a bit expensive to add treats  to your wedding invite – since you are going to invite a lot of people. However, you can manage to add treats to your bridal shower invite. So, when you send out the invitations, try to give out some treats to the package.

For example, if you are dropping off the invites yourself, you can send out some brownies or cupcakes. It will be a nice gesture towards your friends and they will feel more welcomed to the party.

Send a drink 

If you have friends who do not have a sweet tooth, you can try sending out drinks with the invite. It’s because no one can say no to a great drink, right?

And, in case you can manage – try to include  customized drinks for your friends. You can find different vendors online that will provide you with customized drink labels. It will take more effort, but your friends will have a big smile on their face when they see their names on those drinks!

Add a handwritten note 

For some of your best friends, you can also include a handwritten note along with the bridal shower invitation. Write what you want to say and pour your heart out. Do not type out the letters – take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and write these notes (it will be worth it).

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You don’t have to send them to everyone you are inviting but for those special friends (yes, the ones that just came up in your mind) take that extra step. They will cherish this letter for a lifetime.

Add a photo to the invitation card

It’s always great when you add a personal touch do things. Therefore, for your bridal shower invite, you can try to add a picture as a backdrop of the invite. It will look beautiful and your friends can keep this invitation safe as a souvenir.

Another great idea would be to add the picture of the couple as the backdrop instead of your own picture. So, when people open up the invite, they can have a big smile on their face looking at the couple.

Send out a video message 

The world has become a global village and it’s possible that most of your friends have moved away from the hometown. Therefore, you can send those people an online invitation. To add that extra personal touch, try including an attachment with a video message. Just record yourself and talk about anything that you would like to share with your friends.

Yes, you can send that video on WhatsApp as well. However, when they will see the video along the invitation card, it will just make the gesture 10 times better.

Focus on the colors 

Colors can make or break an invitation card. No matter how much effort you put in to design the perfect bridal shower invitation, if you do not use the right colors – All the effort will go in vain. So, when you choose your beach themed bridal shower invitations, include colors that will go with the white. For example rose gold bridal shower invitations will be a great idea.

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It’s all about adding that personal touch to the invites that will make them a whole lot better. Therefore, when you are choosing the invitations, try to incorporate things that are close to your heart. And make sure that your guests feel welcomed when they look at that invite.


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