Internal Linking Strategy to Increase SEO Fitness

The process of building links from a page of your website to another page of your website is an internal linking strategy. The internal linking strategy will provide help to both users and search engines. By following these links, the users can navigate the best pieces of content on your website. The search engines can also use these links to navigate through your website. If a web page doesn’t have any link, search engines can’t find it. There are various methods of creating internal links on your website. Anyhow, contextual links are the most important links on your website. With the help of contextual links, you can find interesting and related content on your website. Here, we will discuss an internal linking strategy to increase SEO fitness.

Identify the Hub Pages on Your Website:

You should start your internal linking strategy by creating a list of the hub pages with help of SWOT analysis for SEO. These pages will provide enough help to understand the architecture of your website. In the hub pages, we should include broad keywords. These broad keywords receive high search volumes. On the other hand, if you will select long-tail keywords, these keywords will receive fewer monthly searches. This is also the best way to drive more traffic to your business website. When you will include these web pages in the list of the hub pages, you can increase the ranking of these pages. Before including these web pages into the list of hub pages, you should also focus on the user experience of these web pages. You should be very careful while creating this list. Otherwise, you will have to face lots of problems to create supporting content.

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Create Topic Clusters By Using Internal Links:

Topic clusters play a vital role in generating positive results for internal linking strategy. In the topic clusters, you should include the relevant pages to the main hub pages. It is the main page for a particular topic. After that, you can use other pages as supporting content. With the help of this supporting content, you can add depth to the content. After creating the main page, you can link back to the hub pages. These links will showcase topical relevancy for your website. Moreover, these links will also indicate the relevancy of the main page of your website. Here, you should also try to create a list of the relevant topic clusters for the hub pages. It is also the best way to create cross-linking in your website. If you want to further strengthen the topic clusters, you can run a content audit.

Internal Linking Strategy

Choose the Right Anchor Text:

While following this internal linking strategy, you can’t deny the importance of anchor text. You should choose the right anchor text to build internal links for your website. You should not use the exact match anchor text all the time. If you will use the exact match anchor text all the time, you may get a penalty from Google. Therefore, you should try to manipulate the anchor texts. While choosing the right anchor text, you should consider some essential things. First, you should consider its variety. It is the best way to save your website from penalties. Secondly, you should think about their lengths. If you want to manipulate the content, you can use the longer-tail variants of these keywords. At last, you should think about the relevance.

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Identify the Authority of the Web Pages:

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, after finding the topic clusters, you should leverage the authority of the web pages. When you will leverage the authority of the web pages, you will know that some pages have more authority than others. Therefore, you can use these pages to your advantage. If you have a more authoritative web page on your website, it means that it is getting more external links. By using these web pages by using an internal linking strategy, you can strategically pass the link equity through these pages. You can use various tools to check the authority of the web pages. For further investigation of the web pages, you can also analyze their external links. Based on the authority of these links, you can take further steps.

Use Internal Links to Increase the Ranking of Target Pages:

After identifying the most authoritative pages of your website, you can use these pages to improve the ranking of other pages of your website. Here, you will have to pass the link authority to the pages that have low link authority. In some cases, you will have to work with a website that has lots of links. Under such a situation, you can follow a straightforward path. You just need to find out the most relevant links to your website. After finding these links, you will have to pass their authority to other pages on your website. This is the best way to boost the ranking of the targeted pages of your website.

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Internal Linking Strategy

Use Internal Links to Optimize Fresh Content:

In some cases, you will have to work with a website that has not earned enough links. Under such a situation, you should try to search your web pages in the SERPs. If you are seeing some of your pages in the SERPs, you should try to create internal links to these web pages. When you will follow this technique, you can improve the link building authority of the fresh web pages. In some cases, you will have to improve the ranking of the fresh content on authoritative websites. Here, you can create internal links of these web pages in the high authority web pages. You should try to create at least two to three internal links for the fresh content.


If you want to improve the ranking of an old or a fresh web page in Google, you will have to follow a solid internal linking strategy. Here, you should not follow complex steps. If you will follow complex steps, you can’t follow this strategy for a long time. Moreover, you will also face some problems getting full control of all the steps. Along with a simple strategy, you should also make use of the right data, tools and planning. These things will also last some good impacts in improving the ranking of the web pages.

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