Tips to Automate Your SEO and Rank Higher in Search Engines

A successful online business has a lot to do with the quality of the company’s content. And not just content, success also depends on the reach and impact the company’s online presence has.

If you are familiar with content strategizing, you must have come across the term Search Engine Optimization. It is commonly called SEO.

Content optimization is a rigorous process. When carried out manually, it can take up a considerable amount of time and energy. The whole strategy involves researching relevant keywords, tracking ranking, and backlink analysis. Then, of course, there is planning and producing the actual content.

To increase your content production, switching over to SEO automation is a good idea. If you are trying to work out various ways to automate your SEO process, you might find this article helpful.


Seven Tips to Automate Your SEO


Automating the entire SEO process is impossible. But you can use software tools for intricate and repetitive functions. If you want to know how far you can automate SEO operations, the following seven tips can help you have an idea.

  1. Automate SEO Analysis

For better SERP (search engine result pages) ranking, there are a variety of factors that you need to consider. The factors include the structure, quality, and length of your content. You also need to take care of the loading speed of the webpage – the lesser it is, the better.

The quality of backlinks leading back to your site matters too. It matters since authentic websites referring to your page increase your credibility and helps you rank better. It also ensures more traffic comes in from different sources to your company website.

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All the above factors affect your SEO score, which decides your SERP ranking.

Website SEO analysis tools and review management softwares can help identify your weak points regarding the pointers mentioned above. It compares your metrics – like conversion rates, website visits per month and gives you valuable insights. It also compares against competing companies to help strategize your marketing plan.

One such website SEO Analysis tool you can consider using is SEMrush. It helps keep track of your website performance and also analyses the promotional tactics of competitors. With the help of SEMrush, improving your website becomes easier.

SEMrush is very popular among SEO marketers and has a pricing model with plans starting from $119 per month.


  1. Automate SEO Keywords and Backlink Monitoring


Manually looking for the right keywords and checking the quality of links on your page is time-consuming. If you are an upcoming startup or a business and you are not aware of the know-how of SEO, then it might be even more of an issue.


Ideally, you should be dedicating more time to other tasks than focusing on your website’s SEO tracking. There are countless tools available to help you monitor all the regular SEO tasks and consider utilizing them.


SE Ranking is one such tool that can aid you with backlink tracking and deciding on the correct content. It checks the quality of links and helps chart the distribution of keywords. Its pre-launch features include a keyword suggestion tool. SE Ranking will give you the keywords pertinent to a specific region. Its On-Page Checker audits the entire webpage conducting a complete SEO check-up. The pricing rate is affordable, starting with only $39 a month.

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  1. Automate Tracking Down Social Media Influencers for Your Brand


The success of any brand depends on an efficient outreach program. It should effectively track down people and businesses interested in your product. It should also help establish a connection with them since such connections can lead to enhanced brand awareness.


There are software tools that detect each time users mention or tag your brand name in social media forums or their blog posts. Tools like SentiOne help you with tracking down prospective social media influencers. They can help to promote your product. Its social listening and analytics feature helps track online mentions. Its sentiment analysis feature aids in discovering your brand opinion among customers.


SentiOne is irreplaceable for the online success of any business in today’s world. The pricing is slightly on the higher side, with $249 for each feature per month.


  1. Automate Social Sharing of Your Products Across All Platforms


Your social media presence is responsible for the impression your brand name creates in the minds of your customers. In simple terms, your social media presence can impact your audience in more ways than one. Hence, maintaining a well-planned social media strategy is imperative for your business.


However, keeping track of post engagements, analyzing traffic, and so on are difficult to manage manually. You must instead opt for automated tools so that your social media posts can reach prospective customers.


Sprout Social comes with a thirty-day trial period and allows you to plan and schedule your social media posts in advance. It also streamlines your post engagements, alerting you when you get direct messages or mentions. It also tracks social media analytics and helps increase your engagement rates. Billing starts with just $89 a month.

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  1. Measure Your Website Performance and Stability


One of the contributing elements to the success of your SEO strategies is your website stability. It directly affects your SEO ranking. To increase the number of time users spend on your website, you need to ensure that it functions well. To measure the functionality of your webpage, you need to keep in mind the following:

  • User-satisfaction score
  • Page-load time
  • Page-speed
  • Error rate


A tool that can be very useful is Sematext. It is an appropriate software tool for carrying out all the functions mentioned above and more. It helps troubleshoot any problems you might have with your website. There are separate plans for each feature, for example, logs, monitoring, experience, and synthetics.


  1. Automate Your YouTube SEO


Like multiple other social media platforms, YouTube also provides an opportunity to create and strengthen your brand name. There are software tools that will help find keywords with high user searches. It will help craft your video title so that it garners maximum attention. When done manually, you have to look up Google trends and search for profitable keywords. If you want to boost your SEO ranking, you can use tools like tubics. It helps you with keyword search and channel auditing as well. The pricing starts from $790 a month.


  1. Track Your Online Visibility

Tracking your position when it comes to visibility among thousands of other web pages is important. It helps prepare your SEO dashboard. Sites like MegaIndex help with your online visibility benchmarking. You can track which keywords lead users to your website and how your site ranks compared to other brands. You can even find out your competitors’ “relevant words” in their posts or PPC advertisements. This tool provides a free plan; the minimum price is $49 a month.

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Key Takeaways

It is better to automate your SEO processes to improve your website’s productivity and efficiency. Automation reduces the chances of human error and is also less expensive in the long run.

Automation tools such as website analysis software help with boosting your page ranking. They do so by analyzing relevant words, traffic rates, webpage performance, etc.

You no longer need to engage in cold-calling prospective influencers. There are tools to track down the exact people who can help promote your products. Thus, saving your time and increasing the productivity of your company.

You will also have every data at your fingertips with automation. You can quickly assess your competitors’ marketing strategies and craft a marketing plan that is better and sturdier.

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