How to Promote Your Store with Ecommerce Video Marketing?


As a customer when you want to buy something what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Any customer before investing in a product no matter how small or insignificant it may seem will first check with someone or on the internet about the product, the brand, and how well it performs. They want to see videos and reviews and understand what’s best and what is not about a product.

In marketing, there is only one mantra – to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. You can spend so much money on product photoshoots and getting the best copies written for sales or even some paid reviews. But nothing beats showing people how the product works. It is the most engaging way to let your customers know the worth of your product.

Video content creation is fast-growing and almost all brands irrespective of the nature of their product or services are now using the power of video marketing to harness the trust and loyalty of their customers.

So, what is all this fuss about eCommerce video marketing?

Why should brands incorporate e-commerce marketing and what is the benefit that they will get out of it?

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing or eCommerce video marketing is where a brand brings the best features of its products and services to its customers through videos. Gone are the days when people prefer reading product instructions and user manuals. In this new era of zero or no time, everyone wants to grasp as much information as possible in the least amount of time.

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Videos are great to demonstrate the very same thing to your customers. The value for your brand is naturally high when you engage your customers with interesting and informative videos rather than showing them long scripts and how-to instruction manuals.

For example, a person buying a vacuum cleaner will want to see and learn how to operate the machine than sit and read about it. And that’s the reason why at the beginning of the 2000s, we had salesmen walking to demonstrate the working of a product. While salesmen are indeed gone, the value for a demonstration hasn’t died yet and yes people do want to know what or how to put a product to the best of its use to make them feel it’s worth the money invested in it.

Another best reason why brands should incorporate video marketing is that it helps them tell their brand story. Getting personal from a brand’s point of view and touching customers’ lives is the best part of video marketing. It helps keep the emotional quotient alive.

How to Promote Your Ecommerce Store Through Video Marketing?

 Like mentioned before, videos have the best pitch and have the power to create a positive impact on people’s minds. If you are a brand and are looking to increase your customer base then one primary thing to do is invest in high-quality video making.

Here are some effective ways to use videos to create an impactful and meaningful information bank for your customers to get inspired to trust your brand and buy from it.

  1. Crisp Marketing Videos


Ideas to help build your company’s online presence

Video making can be costly compared to website design; if you want to use super high-end technology and equipment. But these days it is very simple to make studio-type videos by simply using some apps that cost you way less than a camera and other equipment. In a short marketing video, you can tell your customers what is best about your brand.

Talk about the pain points and relate how you can solve them for your customers. You can also tell them your unique selling point with examples and demonstrations, says Ankita Behani, Project Manager at IQ ecommerce – An eCommerce Web Design Company in Canada.


  1. How-to or Tutorial Videos


These are very important especially if you are a product-based company. A product need not just be a physical product or object. Many SaaS companies these days create great videos using animation to teach their potential and existing clients, how -to use their products and how to resolve any glitches or problems. Tutorial videos are great because it helps customers believe in the products and lets them know how to use them. This instills curiosity and can even many times impact their purchasing decision positively.


  1. Installation Videos and Product Manuals


People have very little time in their hands. And they definitely want to use it in the most productive way. Installation videos and product manuals are great to help your new customers in getting a seamless and rich product experience. You can also use these videos as product demos to interest new and potential customers. They teach customers exactly how to use your product. Customers love when they are hand-held and taught step-by-step as to how to get the best of the product purchased.

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  1. Tell Your Brand Story


People love when they feel the connection on a personal level. The best way to do this with your customers is by telling them your brand story. Yes, telling people how the company was and where it is now and telling them how they helped in your business growth is a great way to earn their interest and trust. Furthermore, introducing your team is also a good idea to tell them who exactly makes their products and why one should buy from them. This could be talking about your ethical standards or your employee-work environment or even your motto when it comes to customer relations.


  1. Behind the Scenes Videos


What is trending in recent days is the behind-the-scenes videos.


People want to know where their products are made and how they are made and who makes them. They want to know where the raw material for their product comes from and or if it is pure and authentic. This is majorly a catch in the beauty and fashion industry now that there is more demand for natural beauty products and ethical and sustainable fashion. However, one surprising example is that of Coca-Cola.


When the brand faced criticism a few years back, the company did a few testimonial videos by celebrities where they showcased the entire working plant of Coca-Cola. This did turn around the brand reputation which is why we still have Coca-Cola in the market today. Millennials prefer transparency and as a brand, you should make sure you be one.

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  1. Influencer Marketing


If you are looking for a very budget-friendly video marketing tactic for your products, one best way is to reach out to influencers. Influencers have a genuine following. Their followers trust and believe the products they endorse. Influencers also create engaging content for their own reputation and so sending them across your products for trial and review is a great way to sit back and watch a good quality video being uploaded for your brand.


  1. Customer Reviews and Experiences


What better than telling your new customers reviews from your existing customers? Ask your existing customers to send reviews and feedback about the products, You can make a video out of this which will get other potential customers interested. This way of promoting review videos is great and adds more value to your brand trust and identity.


These are some of the best video tactics to consider for e-commerce video marketing. Taking these videos across social media and other commercial platforms is a great way to keep your customers close and build your brand image.


Video Marketing & Ecommerce FAQs


  1. Where can I promote the videos that I take for my brand?

One of the best platforms to promote your videos is social media. Instagram has a very vast user base and it is often quick in making the message reach out to your customers. Influencers’ video marketing for example can be done extensively on Instagram. You can also run ads on YouTube. Tweeting about new products and posting a demo video is also a great choice.

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  1. Why is video marketing a good choice?

Studies state that 84% of customers have their purchasing decisions impacted by product videos. Video marketing is an amazing tool for brands especially small and medium businesses who cannot invest much in TV commercials. Some major reasons are that it builds trust between your brand and your audience, it brings you closer to a given seamless customer experience, and it improves your brand image.


  1. What are product videos?

If you are a product-based company, then product videos can help you find a better audience. Rather than reading what a product can do, customers would like to see what it does and so in your product video, you can show your product features, benefits, and what makes it unique. Product videos give customers a 360-degree view and perspective that helps them in better decision making.


  1. What are the benefits of video marketing?

Customers want to know what others feel about a product and so often search on the internet about products and their reviews and testimonials. As a brand, when you promote more testimonial videos and product feedback, it helps existing and potential customers understand the products and the brand better.


Around 87% of marketers say video marketing has helped them have a better position in SERPs. Around 84% agree that it has helped them gain potential leads. Video marketing’s ultimate goal is to pull in more customers and it never fails to do so provided the videos are convincing and professional.

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