Demand Of Digital Marketing In Today’s World

In the past year, when the emergence of covid-19 took the earth to rest and brought unprecedented challenges to the business world, digital marketing demand took a phenomenal climb. According to resources, more than 35% of the brick-and-mortar businesses worldwide shifted on-screen and leveraged the power of the digital world.

As stated in the wall street journal’s report, social media saw a 23% surge within just a few days of lockdown. Since people were home and had nothing imperative to do, they spent most of their time online surfing from one channel to another.

This practice today has completely changed the consumer’s behavior. The same goes for purchasing decisions. People today believe shopping online is much safer and hassle-free than having closer contact in traditional stores.

With this wholly altered marketing landscape, businesses today must look for some compelling trends that can drastically augment their sales, generate leads and give them a head-start over their opposition.

Upcoming Digital Marketing Demand – Marketers Need To Look Out On

If your business is new to online stores, unsure what drifts are in trend now, or if your business is departing its life, tune in! Here are some hottest tips you can think of in 2021 and 2022 to grow your sales and maintain a solid presence throughout the digital market.

·  Beguiling And Interactive Content

The pandemic era also saw people propping on mesmeric and communicating content. This heart of digital marketing strategy had the faith of 85.7 percent of senior-level Digital marketing professionals from the US, and it didn’t prove them amiss.

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According to blogging statics, more than 55% of internet users read content regularly, while 39% do it twice or thrice a week and 10% 4-5 times. The plethora of data, stats, facts, and figures makes it easy for businesses to attract their customers and improve sales.


This motif has technically been on rounds for a while, but during the pandemic era, the gush was dramatic. The content itself can be a massive asset to your strategy and bring significant leads and conversions if done right.

This facet frees the screw that holds your brand to reach its audience and generate trust with leads. However, you must not overlook the elements that make your content worthy.

  • Useful insights
  • Engaging prose
  • Open-ended question

If the content you are developing is good enough, you don’t have to spend heavily on it. It itself is capable enough to rank your site high in search engine result pages.

·  Video; The New King Of Digital Marketing Demand

Videos are said to be the next Monarch of the digital marketing kingdom. You might have heard the saying, “a picture paints a thousand words, but a video produces millions.” The video, according to a Forbes reveal, is the conquering component of digital space.

The study further states that video is all set to mark its footprints as a whole video marketing campaign after being a part of the digital marketing strategy.


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The predictions are that by 2022, over 80 percent of the customers’ online traffic will be derived from video marketing strategies. Isn’t it massive? Also, today more than 80 percent of businesses are using audiovisuals as their marketing tool, which has tremendously augmented their online trades.

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·  Live Streams

Physical conferences and meetings saw a massive downfall during the covid era, making people comfier with online sessions. The same went for product purchasing and deliveries.

Earlier, most people preferred going to the physical store to buy their required product, but now they land to their social accounts and check the online pages selling it. And, if they see a live stream for the same, it’s a win-win deal for them, and they tend to shop more than anticipated.

A survey revealed a 55% surge found on Facebook live matrix during the lockdown period, whereas Instagram won the deal and had a spike of up to 70%.


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These live streams increase customer’s trust and express how loyal and authentic the brand is. In addition, you can promote your product and let the customer see your warehouse simultaneously.

·  Digital Marketing Demand Influence’s

This popular tactic of digital marketing has been a trend for the longest time. However, 2020 was the year it took all the rage and became extremely famous. Today more than 90% of people trust an influencer more than a celebrity.


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According to the Finances Online study, the scheme hit the roof 62.3% that earlier in 2019 was 55.4%. The article also stated that experts expect a 75% reach by 2021, which will be the highest till now.

However, you can pitch small influencers because big charges big. So go for smaller ones, offer your rates and see the results. It won’t disappoint you. It is also advised to measure your KPI with BI tools so you can give a boost your marketing movements via your micro-influencers.

Ideas to help build your company’s online presence

·  Social Media Will Continue Dominating The Space

With over 4.2 million social media addicts worldwide, social media remains on the verge of becoming the most effective digital marketing tactic. This impressive number of users is more than enough for you if you wish to market your product in a broader space.

The ground offers you a broader opportunity to connect to a vast number of audiences and build a genuine relationship to grow your sales and get a better return on investments.

·  Chatbots To Enrich Consumer Experience

Chatbots are getting immense popularity in the business world. This core element helps you provide 24/7/365 customer service and support to generate leads for better conversions and increased sales.

Years before the debut of chatbots were an era where people would call sales representatives or customer service reps to know about the product or ask queries. After chatbots came into existence, the way to communicate totally altered. And people were more interested in chatting to a bot.

This Artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistance provides quick, correct, and quality customer service and helps the audience find a solution to their problems.

·  SEO Remains En Vogue

SEO remains an essential part of your digital marketing demand campaign regardless of how many tools and tactics you use. This trend never comes to an end and is a crucial policy to bring organic traffic.

Your blog, videos, images all matter in engaging with your customers but optimizing your content using SEO tools will groundwork that many tactics will fail.


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Optimizing your site benefits brand awareness and creates user-friendly websites that appear first in SERPs and helps to generate qualified potentials that ultimately result in increased traffic and better sales.

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·  XR, AR And VR Are The New Commanders

Augmented reality, virtual reality, and now extreme reality, all these technological advances are the new chief officers, dominating the digital marketing world.

These commanders are a great way to market your brand in the mainstream Bazar and pitch significant sales. Brands today are leveraging the knack of these innovations and making money most dramatically.

While surfing around the internet to buy dissertation UK on VR technology, I found that today the market value of AR/VR has seen a reach of $12 billion. According to experts, the surge will go up to $72.8 billion by 2024 technology continues to grow.


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By utilizing these key performers in your digital marketing strategy, you can show your clients how a sofa looks on the site of their preference without letting them coming to your physical store.

The ride to this knack is indeed venturesome, but you must go only if your budget allows it because it can cost you a substantial amount. Some of the brands that are using AR to bring more sales to their businesses are:

  • IKEA

Best Ways To Earn Big Bucks Through Digital Marketing

Now since you are well aware of the modern digital marketing trends, here are a few ways you can leverage this skill and earn heavy for your business.

·  Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

2021 and 2022 will be the master years to take a startup of your digital marketing agency as more and more companies are spending heavily on their digital marketing campaigns than ever before.

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This idea has significant advantages as it brings you great revenue in less time. You can learn a well-rounded skill set of digital marketing trends, train staff, or hire teams that can handle all these marketing chores. You can also contract out the tasks to freelancers.

·  Affiliate Marketing

This model gives you commission on every purchase people make through your recommendation. The process is nothing technical and has been used for the longest time.


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You just have to choose a product you would like to promote, create a website marketing those products, and drive prospects.

Every time goods are sell via your referral link, you will receive a commission. This route is probably the easiest way to start earning. However, there are many ways to build your affiliate marketing business, such as:

  • Instagram blogs
  • Youtube videos
  • Facebook content

·  SEO

SEO is the typical way to bring organic traffic to the business website and rank it high on search engine result pages. Once you know the specifics of this skill, you can be in a great way to earn online and make money with digital marketing.

Being an SEO executive, you can sell your services using Fiverr, Upwork, and other eCommerce platforms or join a ecommerce marketing company to work with their clients. Some practices you need before providing SEO services include:

  • Writing SEO friendly content
  • Keyword research
  • Optimizing header tags
  • Creating eye-catching meta titles and meta description
  • Link building
  • On-page and off-page SEO

·  Blogging

Blogging is a treat to earn a substantial amount from digital marketing and receive outstanding PRs. Once you know the niche you will offer your services in, start walking on the way to make a robust social media presence.

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Your account will be the hub of your business to review products, add testimonials, write blogs, and market the product. But make sure your network is well aware of you and you are making tremendous connections. As much the traffic on your blog grows, the better you can earn.

·  Content Writing

Content writing is the best way to earn via digital marketing if you have some creative writing skills. Marketing a product, business, or service via content marketing helps the corporation connect to their prospects, answer their common questions, and provide solutions to their problems.


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The bunch of information you add to your content works as a bridge between customer and seller and provide them with the insights they must be looking for.

However, to become a content writer, you need to have certain skills. Such as:

·  Social Media Marketing

You can work as a social media manager by handling your employer’s social pages. And growing its online presence using various marketing tactics.

Your jobs, being a social media marketer, will include:

  • Writing, scheduling, publishing, and managing engaging posts
  • Designing graphics
  • Running ads
  • Responding to queries

There are many ways you can work as a social media manager. For instance, joining the company you are providing services to, or you can also work freelance and manage several pages simultaneously.

·  Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the latest way to earn money via digital marketing and include fragments like:

SMS Marketing

This tactic includes short messaging services send to prospects to inform them about new deals and treats.

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App-based Marketing

In app-based marketing, you have to help a product gain maximum visibility for increased leads and conversions.

Push notifications

Push notifications are popup texts that can be viewed by a single tap.

QR codes

A mobile camera scans these codes. And the URL is directly entered into the browser. It takes the prospect to the client website without any hassle.

·  Email Marketing

Emails are very important when it comes to digital marketing demand. This modern way of marketing provides many leverages in marketing a product. In this course, you send an email to the prospect telling them about the products, deals and details. Email marketing has the potential to reach millions of recipients through a single click.

To make your work easier, you can also utilize the pre-prepared templates. Fill in the relevant information according to your brand or design a whole new template as per your brand’s preference.

With email marketing, you can also gauge your customer’s reaction and analyze the marketing graph of your product.

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