How can a virtual office help you with your dropshipping business?

If you list businesses that virtual office suits, eCommerce will be among the top three. Virtual office supports all types of eCommerce businesses. But it especially suits a dropshipping method. Before we discuss everything in detail, let us look at how similar the virtual office and dropshipping structure is.

Both of these work to serve as per need base strategy. You can use virtual office services when you need to, similarly dropshipping works when needed. Dropshipping doesn’t require an office setup and the virtual office doesn’t offer you one. Both focus on the results rather than the procedure for business.

If you look closely, they compliment each other. You can run a dropshipping business individually with the help of the virtual office. Virtual office supports small and individually run businesses with a remote working strategy. Mostly, dropshipping is a small setup, many use Amazon, Alibaba, and Etsy to start their dropshipping business. But that is the front end, back end workflow can be managed by using the virtual office service to complete your orders without any setbacks. Let us dig deeper to understand what this game is all about.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an eCommerce model where the seller is not a proper retail business and does not stock inventory. The stock is bought as and when needed. If you are running a dropshipping model then you are a middle man rather than a retail outlet.

The main difference between a standard retail shop and a dropshipping shop is that in drop shipping the stock is not procured to stock. It is purchased when you get an order from your customer. This purchase can be of an individual item or a few items.

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For standard retail, the stock is bought in bulk. Bulk purchases save more than buying a single item. Mass buying gets you less unit price than a single purchase. But this does not affect the dropshipping model.

How does dropshipping work:

The first thing to do is to establish an online presence. Whether you use a website or a marketplace to open your shop is up to you. Many marketplaces can be used simultaneously to target a wider audience. Before listing the products in your shop, make sure to identify their availability and suppliers from where you can purchase them when needed.

When you get your order, purchase the ordered product from your supplier and pack it. Dispatch the order through your designated courier. You can set the payment method you prefer using. Attract more customers with customized packing. Make sure to update your product list according to the availability of products with the supplier.

Now a whole new automated approach is being used. In this set up the customer places an order on your website. The order is automatically redirected to your supplier. He then prepares the order and delivers it to the customer. You will get the payment and you can pay your supplier for all the products he delivered.

All of this becomes easier with the virtual office service. The features of the virtual office support the whole process of dropshipping. It gives your business the credibility it needs. It also provides tech support to run this online business. Let us see what a virtual office is and how it can help your dropshipping business.

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What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a mixed workspace solution, where most of your work is done online. You only use the physical office when you require it if you require it. There is no compulsion about using the premises. All the facilities that the virtual office offers support remote working and remote business handling.

Business address:

Although you can run a dropshipping business without a business address. But having one adds to the credibility of your business. It gives the impression that you are an actual business rather than a middleman. Many people trust credible businesses with a proper business address of a well-known location.

Mail forwarding and call handling:

Calls you receive can be from customers who want information or file complaints against the products you sell. These calls need professionally trained customer support personnel to handle them properly. Virtual office service offers you these professionally trained people who will greet your customers and provide the information you provide.

You will get return shipping in your mail. It needs to be properly handled. With virtual office service, you can give instructions to the front desk about how you want your mail to be handled.

Tech support:

Virtual offices give your business the necessary tech support including cyber security. You get a secure online environment for your business. You get the software to collaborate with your suppliers and manage your orders.

Meeting rooms and conference rooms:

You can arrange a meet and greet to introduce your business to your target market using this facility. These meeting rooms are equipped with gadgets that are needed to hold these meetings.

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Other office facilities:

With a virtual office, you get other supportive office features as well. These services might not be very useful for you in the beginning but eventually as your business grows you will need to use these facilities. These include Wifi, printers, scanners, fax machines, computers, phones, conference calls, etc.

Some cafeterias and restaurants can be used when needed. The interior of the office is high end and according to the latest trends.


The virtual office opens a new world to your business. You can go international and search for new markets and suppliers. Having an international presence can be of big help to your business.

This service offers easy to pay and easy-to-use methods. You only pay for the services you use rather than paying for the unused ones. If you find that it doesn’t serve your purpose, stop using it. You don’t have to give any notice or pay any penalty.

The flexibility of the virtual office service makes it perfect for a dropshipping business. Dropshipping is a flexible and remote business model. A virtual office is also a flexible business model that supports remote businesses. You can’t find a better option than the virtual office.


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