How Shared Hosting Differs from Other Hosting Options?

When there is a discussion about the internet, how can one ignore the importance of web hosting? It is one of the emerging markets that have value in billions. Many web hosting providers are available in the market and provide hosting services. If you also have web through their web hosting plans, you will see that companies offer different hosting plans. If you have multiple domains and want to host them, you can buy unlimited web hosting services and free hosting of your web files.

Different web hosting plans like shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and many others meet hosting users’ requirements. New website owners prefer shared hosting plans to get the best web hosting services for their internet files.

Why is so shared hosting services popular? In this guide, we will highlight what the shared hosting service means and understand its significance in this competitive web world. Keep reading.

What is Meant by The Shared Hosting Service?

Shared hosting services are the web hosting service provided by hosting companies. As the name depicts, the server resources (CPU, RAM and disk space) are shared among different hosting users. One server hosting websites or domains of different hosting account users is all about the shared hosting service.

Many bloggers, new website owners, or even small startups use shared hosting services to build their online web presence. However, it is not only about those three server resources. Users get other amazing features also along with the same. They get a control panel to manage domains, email accounts and other web files along with the plan. And the best part about such features is you don’t have to pay an additional amount to get those features.

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All those helpful features are integrated into your hosting account only. Due to this, shared hosting plans emerge as an affordable hosting option for website users.

As we have discussed that many web hosting account users are there in the market; which one should you prefer to get the reliable shared hosting plan? The answer is MilesWeb because it is India’s leading web hosting provider.

Their beginning shared hosting plans (Tyro) cost around A$ 1.2 per month, including all relevant hosting features like the control panel, website builder, 1-Click installer and other amazing features.

Pros of Shared Hosting

Below we have discussed key advantages of shared hosting plans.

Lower Costs

To make our point strong, we have shown you the best example of MilesWeb. Only at A$ 1.2 per month, you are hosting your website, and all the server maintenance cost is on MilesWeb’s shoulder. The main reason behind its affordability is the server resources are distributed amongst its many users, and every hosting account user is paying for a share of server space. If you want to upgrade your existing shared hosting plan, upgraded plans will not cost you too much.

Less Technical Expertise Required

You don’t have to pursue a course to maintain the server. Let the web hosting provider accomplish this task. Maintaining servers, installing application updates, and other technical operations required an optimal IT team. With reliable shared hosting plans, website owners do not have to look after such complicated operations—you have to focus on your developing business and managing administrative tasks. If you do the same, your entire focus will be on scaling your business instead of managing the server.

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How better is Shared Hosting from Other Hosting Plans?

Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting

Shared hosting is comparatively lower in cost with VPS hosting plans. Using MilesWeb’s hosting plans, their shared hosting plans start at A$ 1.2 per month, whereas VPS hosting plans starts at A$ 12 per month. Moreover, a shared hosting plan is preferred for the new website user because they can check whether their website meets all online parameters to scale your website.

Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

In layman’s terms, shared hosting is like a public bus where you can accommodate different hosting account users. On the other hand, dedicated hosting is a chartered bus that only one is hosting account user controls. Thus, they get full control over servers and an isolated hosting environment. You may think that dedicated hosting services are the perfect option, but when you have a lower hosting budget, you should go for shared hosting plans.

Final Line: Which Hosting Plan Is Suitable?

Shared hosting plans are helpful for new website owners as they have limited capital and less technical expertise. Once you have scaled your website or web file, you have the freedom to upgrade your shared hosting plan at a lower cost.

Also, get the top-notch shared hosting plan for your website from the best hosting company MilesWeb. They offer high-quality hosting features like cPanel, 24×7 technical support, optimized WordPress and many more at a lower cost.

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