Is Buying the Cheapest Reseller Hosting a Good Idea?

The web hosting industry captures a massive market share worldwide. It is a billion-dollar industry that has enormous growth potential. As the internet era is evolving, many web hosting companies worldwide offer reliable web hosting services. The list of services includes shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and many others. Cheap Reseller Plans for Big Profits are helpful plans that give you several earning opportunities.

If you Get Reseller Hosting with WHMCS License, you will be getting a cheap hosting plan. There are many web hosting companies offering affordable hosting methods. Like many others, you might also have the misconception that the cheap hosting plan does not have proper configurations and quality hosting infrastructure to host websites and applications.

In this guide, we are highlighting some information related to cheap reseller hosting services. Keep reading and decide for yourself whether they are helpful for you or not.

How do cheap reseller host services function?

Reseller hosting plans are not available like other products in the market. You must approach web hosting service providers like MilesWeb to get reliable reseller hosting plans with top-notch features. If we take the example of MilesWeb, their reseller hosting plan starts at Rs. 270 per month (Micro).

If you closely observe the amount, it is significantly less. But see the compelling features list like multiple cPanel accounts, hosting space for unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth and others. The great thing about their plans is the web hosting company (MilesWeb) will be entirely responsible for the technical support.

As a reseller, you don’t have to invest an additional amount in technical infrastructure and human IT resources. MilesWeb will provide all those stuff at a nominal cost. Taking the example of their high-cost reseller hosting plan (Expand), you will not have to worry about handling multiple clients’ domain. Only pay Rs. 1936 per month and get top-notch web hosting infrastructure for your clients.

How Shared Hosting Differs from Other Hosting Options?

Once you have purchased the company reseller hosting plan, you will get a WHMCS (automated billing software) tool to manage your clients’ billing activity. Also, you have the control panel to add as many domains as you want. All in all, you are allocating a sufficient hosting infrastructure like CPU cores, RAM and disk space. For that allocation, you can charge your clients. With MilesWeb’s reseller hosting plan, resellers get SSL certifications and other compelling features. So, resellers can charge their clients for add-on features.

MilesWeb offers 100% white-labeled reseller hosting services, meaning resellers lease out the hosting infrastructure to clients under the self-brand name. You can also buy their reseller hosting plan and start your web hosting business with less efforts.

Key Features of Reseller Hosting Plans

1.      Sufficient Server Resources

Whenever we talk about the web hosting operation, server resources are the sole strength of the web hosting operation. The more size of CPU, RAM and disk space, the more efficient your websites and applications are hosted. Thus, MilesWeb offers you a reliable hosting infrastructure with enough disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

2.      Security to Your Clients Site

Your clients are paying you and trusting your hosting brand because they want assurance of security. With MilesWeb’s reseller hosting plans, users are getting SSL certifications with every hosted domain. With the help of SSL certification, all data is encrypted automatically so that there will be no data intrusion activity or hacking attempt possible.

3.      Gives You Room for More Profits

Reseller hosting plans are affordable. Hence, if you are aiming for more profits, it is possible with reseller hosting plans. Purchase one reseller hosting plan and host domains of different clients according to your requirements. Then, while providing them with sever resources, you can charge your clients for add-ons and other prominent features. By doing so, you can earn plenty of money, and it will also multiply your earnings.

How Shared Hosting Differs from Other Hosting Options?

4.      Higher Uptime with The Guaranteed Support

Website performance matters when it comes to conducting hosting operations. With MilesWeb’s reseller hosting plans, you will be getting top-grade web hosting resources with the assurance of the guaranteed uptime upto 99.95%. MilesWeb offers a top-grade server as their servers are located in Tier-4 data centers that efficiently host web applications.

Are Cheap Reseller Hosting Plans Helpful?

If you are getting all top-grade hosting features with the hosting plan, there is no problem in choosing reseller hosting services. However, choose the best reseller hosting provider like MilesWeb which provides your top-level hosting services with optimal features.

Final Line

Starting a web hosting business is a good option to position your brand in the web hosting industry. Pick the right reseller hosting provider to accomplish this task and get 100% white labeled reseller hosting services from MilesWeb. All technical aspects will be managed by them and profits will deposit in your pockets!

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