5 SEO tips for a tourism business

This is not an easy time, especially for a tourist activity. However, we can use this period to plan the actions we will take when we finally get back to normal. This article was created precisely for this: we want to recommend activities that you can do online that will allow you to be ready once the activities start again.

Analyze the work done so far

If you have a website this is the right time to take a break to understand if the site works, how many visits it receives and if you can improve it in some way. Then open Google Analytics and check for example which pages receive the most clicks, or open the Google Search Console to check if there are errors on the pages. If you have a Facebook page or an Pinterest profile, in the analytics section you can see which posts have worked best, compare them and understand why and then replicate the right actions once the situation has stabilized.

Think about new features for the website

When everything is back to normal after the virus the web will probably play a key role in any business that’s why if you are thinking of implementing a new feature on the site this is the right time to do it. In fact, you have plenty of time to test different solutions and check which one is the most functional. Always try to modify the web design of you site, making it easier for your users.

 Take some time to make an editorial calendar

When the work starts, you will probably have a lot to think about. A good preparatory work is to make an editorial calendar that includes all the publishing platforms of your company. It must therefore include the social networks and the blog of the website, if you also publish on other sites to do link building also enter those in the editorial calendar so when you start to publish you will have a guide available and you will not have to do anything but start everything automatically.

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Make your content in advance

Prepare a lot of content to publish your guest posts in advance, take the time to select the photos to publish and to make the texts of the articles. Get as early as possible, so when they start booking again, you can fully dedicate yourself to your customers.

Think about new strategies for social networks

From the analysis you have carried out, you will surely find some interesting data. You can use them to figure out what worked and what didn’t. Also think about new strategies you can use to improve conversions on your Facebook page or Instagram profile. Explore the social features and you will see that you will be surprised at the possibilities you did not know about.

The moment is certainly dramatic, but what we must definitely not do is start defeated. The business you have built over the years is at risk right now and the web could certainly represent a new opportunity once this period is over.

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