Faster Website Equals To Great User Experience

Very often we tend to underestimate an aspect related to the design of a website that is very important as regards user satisfaction . This is the page loading speed . The reason is obvious: among the main causes of the abandonment of a portal by users (and therefore of their dissatisfaction) there is precisely the slowness of the site . Companies often choose to invest in special effects and graphics, ignoring this aspect which is crucial: the fast website!

Waiting times that are too long favor competition

It is necessary to ensure that the user – always distracted and often in a hurry – can find what he is looking for quickly and comfortably. The excessively long waiting times , online as well as in real life, are not liked by anyone . You often end up getting bored, going away or changing your way. This, on the internet, can result in a loss of sales opportunities and all due to a poorly designed and excessively slow portal.

The online abandonment rate is estimated to reach around 30% if the page takes more than four seconds to load, a percentage that almost doubles if the seconds become ten. It is clear that letting a user escape on the web means offering an advantage to direct competitors : it is precisely on the latter’s sites that, in fact, unhappy people will probably land looking for an alternative.

The importance of a fast website from an SEO perspective

Designing a site so that the loading of pages is always fast and efficient is not only decisive for greater user satisfaction . This aspect also affects SEO positioning in the SERP of search engines (primarily Google). In fact, all other factors being equal, a site characterized by a higher loading speed will be able to obtain a better positioning on the page that contains the search results.

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Also because one of the main objectives of Google is to be able to offer users the best answers to different searches. A slow website that ranks high among the results would not offer a quality or comprehensive service.

Time spent exploring the site is an important indicator

As mentioned, a higher loading speed of pages corresponds to a greater involvement by people. The latter will be willing to spend a longer time on that portal , exploring its various sections. And this ends up being a decisive indicator for Google: the number of pages visited by each user and the time spent browsing the portal, allow us to establish how the latter is considered reliable and able to satisfy the various requests.
Finally we make an overview of one last important aspect to evaluate when it comes to satisfaction on the web: the bounce rate (or bounce rate). This indicator concerns the percentage of users who visit a single page of the portal, before leaving it. While not a high bounce rate always connected to the slowness of the site, it is clear that a portal that imposes long waiting times will offer an under performing experience .

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