Top 5 Web design Trends in Toronto Canada

Web design is a fickle subject, and it switches patterns almost as fast as fashion does. Today, it is one of the most fluid digital branches that affect the business world. The design of your website is, in fact, the most important contributor to your conversion rates. 

This is why it is essential to analyze and choose which trends should be followed by your web development company and which ones to ignore. Most trends you come across will be fads by nature and will not help you get any real progress. On the other hand, some patterns may stand out and change your entire outlook on the subject.

Moreover, the standards of web design Toronto begin shifting every time there is a new technological advancement. Every time this happens, you may need to schedule a website update to keep up. Not doing so could result in an unresponsive website that would repel potential clients. 

It is essential to change with the trends while being picky about them. Doing so sets you on the path to a perfect website. To make things easier for you, we have listed some of the hottest website design trends 2020 has bought us.


Responsiveness is a must-have for websites these days. It allows your website to function at its finest on all devices by re-arranging itself according to the browsing method at hand. This intuitive behavior is something your clients will be expecting your website to have the first time they visit it, and they won’t be impressed if your website isn’t responsive to their device.

Artistic Black and White

One of the biggest website design trends of 2020 is a bold black-and-white palette. The removal of fancy colors gives websites a much clearer vibe, which your clients will appreciate. White is a clean color and gives out peaceful and calm vibes. When assertive black adds up to the mix, they become stunningly beautiful and can make your business website look breathtaking.

Micro Interactions

No matter how stunning your website looks, it cannot attract clients without a tint of humanity. By implementing micro-interactions in your website, you can achieve a great user experience. An excellent example of micro-interactions is the sound you hear upon refreshing Twitter or the unread notification count on Facebook. These are fantastic methods to make your website a lot more interactive and allows your audience to connect with you at a human level.


Chatbots are one of the most popular website trends 2020 has empowered. Advancements in the fields of AI and Machine Learning have led to intelligent chatbots that can do a lot more than pass the Turing Test. These new chatbots allow businesses to give their clients instant interactions on their website. Chatbots will not only increase your customer satisfaction but could also provide a significant boost to your conversion rates.

 Video Content

Videos are one of the most effective ways to boost your website’s SEO status and involve your clients. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. With an explanatory video on your website, you engage your audience with a medium they are more used to than text. Videos give you a solid footing to base your other interactions and sales. Moreover, Google has updated its search page result algorithm to favor websites with video content over conventional ones. So a good website that follows the latest design requirements also supports SEO in Toronto.

While some website design trends of 2020 may get you to fear the future of business websites, the five trends listed here are sure to put your site on a path to great fortune and fame.

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