How to Implement Email Marketing Best Practices

When you think about email marketing, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Perhaps, buying lists with dozens of emails from someone who has a huge database and writing down a dozen more sales pitches and sending them across and hoping that you get some replies!

However, that’s far away from how email marketing is really done. Email marketing is much targeted and very engaging, contrary to what most people think.

You may be surprised to know that other digital marketing channels give 122% lesser profits than email marketing does, and that is no surprise because email marketing is way more personalized than we think it can be.

We often think of mails as something that is formal and boring, however, when done right, emails can generate more trust and genuine interest.

Are you ready to do some email marketing! You better be since this is what this article is all about! You can improve your next email marketing campaign by just allowing certain new changes:

Go Easy on Fonts

This one common mistake is found in most newsletters; when they want to make their point loud, they go with different typefaces or they make unnecessary bold highlights. Ironically, this is a good way of bringing attention to your point but also a good way of annoying somebody because having too many bold patches across the text and too many typefaces is just not pleasing to the eye. So, you want to make sure that your email is mono-toned and does not have a lot of distracting elements.

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What happens when somebody registers with you or when they make a payment or when they send in some feedback? Do you just leave it be? No, you shouldn’t! You should make them feel heard. The best way of doing it is that you can opt for auto-responders, which generate automatic responses every time something like this becomes. Moreover, you should make it a point to personalize this responder, so that it doesn’t feel like a machine is meeting your words.

Incentivize Them

Why should a person subscribe to your newsletters or your content? Nowadays, you have to give them a good reason to even listen. There should be something in it for them. Gift them something worthwhile.

So, you can introduce plans, discounts, or VIP access to your subscribers. Moreover, you can also incentivize them for giving their honest feedback on your campaigns. This will not only help you improve but also, this will help you engage. That is a huge success; your emails should not leave any possibility to be tapped in, which can get you more engagement.

Write Emails that Strike

You do not want to be yet another business that ends up in the spam folder. So, if you do not want to end up there, you want to be known for your catchy emails. You want to make sure that you’re not just talking about business all the time but also checking up on people and really listening to them. You want to be the unique voice that the audience does not find in the old monotonous emails now.

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You do that when you type on trends.

You make sure that your voice is colloquial at the same time while being assertive. All these elements will not just make your business grow, but it will also help you gain leads who may not be interested right now but they get closed later just because of your impeccable words. A full service email marketing agency can help you do that.

Filter Your Email List

Remember we said that most people start out with buying an email list; we are totally against this. We feel that if you buy a database, you are really shortcutting your own business. What is working for someone else may not work for everyone. So, you can’t really expect that someone else’s lead will convert for you.

This way you will just be paying money for really no returns and it’s better to start from scratch!

When you market your business, checking your email list from time to time should be a regular concern thing. You should categorize them depending on how interested they are in your products. If they have purchased something from you, they become customers. If they haven’t purchased something from you, but there is a negotiation going on at the moment, then, they are your “hot” leads.

Similarly, you can have a cold leads and disinterested leads. This gets better when you classify them, remember: not the same run-of-the-mill content goes for every category, you need to be very smart here.

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