7 Smart Hacks to Garner More Instagram Likes to Make Your Marketing Efforts Work

Instagram is a huge social media platform with more than a billion active users every month. It implies that you can reach out to a wider audience base to market your products or services. Then, you will find other marketers and influencers to give you tough competition. That is why you need to learn about increasing your Instagram likes to make your marketing efforts work.

Instagram is a visually rich site, where you can post stunning photos and videos to make your brand presence felt on the social media landscape.

According to an article published on https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com, the platform is growing very fast and many brands, big and small are reaping the maximum benefits out of it. Are you looking for some cool Instagram tips to boost likes? If so, read on.

  1. Take square photos

Your IG feed will look stunning when you make it so. Use high-definition images to make your profile appealing to your targeted audience. One of the best things to do when publishing pictures is taking square photos for the best results. These days, most smartphones and digital cameras have the square-photo feature integrated into the settings and therefore, it is easy for you to take awesome shots. It saves much of your time cropping your images and assures that the significant components of a picture aren’t truncated later.

The taking of photos within the Instagram application limits you. Therefore, use your phone or a digital camera to take jaw-dropping shots.

  1. Share nothing but stunning visuals

You know that Instagram is a visual social media site and therefore, your pictures should be outstanding. There is no place for mediocrity here. Posting high-quality pictures are not the end of your job because you need to tweak the photos, use sophisticated filters, and things like that to make your visuals stand out from the rest.

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Aesthetics is an essential aspect to consider when posting on Instagram. It will help your pictures look personal yet have a professional touch to them, thus garnering more likes and visitors. It has been seen that professionally shot photos are more liked by Instagrammers than poor-quality images. That does not mean that you will need to be a photographer, but learning some basic photography skills is good for you to take your Instagram marketing efforts to the next level.

  1. Create a mix of photos and videos and then post

The experts in the industry recommend the blending of photos and videos to garner more Instagram likes and engagement levels. When it comes to videos, they help in generating more likes than posts that only have a static image with a description. Therefore, use the perfect combination of pictures and videos to grow likes, followers, and boost traffic.

You know that Instagram is all about pictures, but with videos, it becomes easier for you to bring your brand story to life. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, the burger brand McDonald’s uses stop motion videos to feature its product in the middle of the visual, without hard-selling the products. Consequently, McDonald’s videos do not like a sales pitch. This way, you can improve engagement and do not need to pay for Instagram views.

Make your videos fun, engaging, and share-worthy. You can do so easily by making the most out of Instagram’s video editing options. You can create awesome videos in no time, effortlessly. All you need to do is press down the Record button and stop when you have completed shooting a video and moving to the next one. Alternatively, you can also post a pre-shot video.

  1. Use aesthetics consistently

The best way to motivate a user to follow your Instagram profile is by adding a branded look to your social media profile. It implies that only posting high-definition pictures will not serve your purpose. Additionally, you will need to ensure that all your posts have the aesthetic elements consistently.

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Use soft colors on all your posts or embrace the retro style if you like it. You can also use bold shades sometimes, but then, you need to use bright colors consistently.

  1. Make your followers feel involved

Most of the users look for new IG accounts by using the explore section of the social media platform. Therefore, you need to design posts that garner loads of likes, shares, and comments. The user engagement level is the key factor that creates an impact on the IG algorithm. That is why you need to build interaction with your followers.

When you get more likes and comments on your published content, reply to the comments quickly. It will make your followers feel important and happy. They will know that you value what they say and reply to their questions or queries.

Making your followers feel special will help in developing a relationship with them, benefiting you in the days to come.

  1. Pair best images with captions

Pair your best-quality photos with captions to increase your Instagram likes and user engagement. You can use eye-catching graphics with your captions that become worthy of sharing. This makes your post complete with engaging results powered with packets of knowledge or information. In other words, include as much as shareable components as possible to make your Instagram posts gain more likes and followers in less time.

  1. Mention popular Instagram profiles

One of the best ways to increase likes is by mentioning popular IG accounts related to your niche business. Once you tag them, your post will become visible on their profiles. It makes your content visible to your desired audience. Then, pick out the relevant profiles so that you do not make your Instagram account look spammy.

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Mentioning popular and related accounts will help you gain likes and build engagement without resorting to spammy techniques. This way, your content gets the required boost, making it look attractive to the profiles you have mentioned or tagged.


The best way to grow like and comments on Instagram is by posting high-definition photos, using relevant hashtags, being active, and interacting with followers.

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