Why Keyword Research is so Important for SEO?

Keyword research is like the oxygen in your content or your SEO. It helps you to function for the best and makes sure of what type of keyword should be included in the material.

It is the prime step that you need to develop the successful planning of SEO in your content or even your website. Without keyword, your site or your content will look like a piazza without any crust or cheese. So what are they?

Well, keywords are the search terms that help your website, or your content to be displayed on Google. When you are searching for something on Google, then you put a term to it. This means that when you are looking for handbags, then you will type ‘handbags for 1500’ on Google.

These are the keywords that are used. So it becomes essential for every marketer out there to implement the right type of keywords in their content.

It helps your content or your product to reach the target audience. It is the principal element that allows you to manage through search engine optimization. It becomes a struggle to choose the right kind of keywords for your content or even your website, but you have to do relevant research for the following.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research means that you are searching for the relevant keywords that will help your users to search for your product, service or business online. Keywords those are used by your target audience in the search engines to find relevant information.

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There are two types of keywords that are used here.

Type 1

The short tail keywords mean that they comprise of two words or even one. These are the popular keywords that are used online. Like there are keywords such as WordPress themes, WordPress blogging tips, etc. People search these kinds of keywords when they aren’t specifically looking for something.

Short tail keywords have disproportionate search volume, which is why cost per click is also high and keyword difficulty to organically rank for those keywords is sky-high.

For example, sneakers for men is a short tail keyword for which most probably Amazon & Nike will run PPC Campaign and pay a hefty price for every click with an aim to drive sales.

Type 2

The long-tail keywords are used because they contain more than three words at a one. For example, as mentioned above, when you are looking for handbags, then you can search for keywords such as handbags for personal use, handbags that lie around 500, etc. People search for long-tail keywords when they want a specific answer to their query. It’s problem-specific.

For example, people may search “Android Apps For Earning Money” this longtail keyword has 49,500 search volumes. People search for this specifically wants to know how they can make money with android apps, they are not simply inquiring about android apps, they are very specific to inquire something.

A newbie blog that doesn’t have enough authority it tends to be easier for such blogs to use longtail keywords to rank higher in SERPs.

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This is the prime reason why you need to look out for keyword research. It will help you to find the most relevant keyword according to your content. It might be easy to choose a keyword, but you have to be selective on what type of content you are producing on the web.

To expedite the process, tools are the answer. keywords research tools you should leverage include many, essentially these tools offer insights in terms of search volume, PPC, competition, keyword difficulty & more.

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Ubersuggest
  3. Google Trends
  4. Longtail Pro
  5. SEMRush

Why is Keyword Research essential for your SEO?

1. Keywords are necessary for SERPs

A website essentially ranks because of the keywords that are integrated in it which makes it important to optimize the website with relevant & well researched keywords. It is important to add keywords according to the potential competition it faces.

Be it local SEO or international SEO for that matter, keywords are everything, properly optimized keywords need to be present in every webpage.

2. Keywords attract the intended audience

Keywords determine the intent of the searcher. People using short tail keywords to search has a different intent whereas people using long-tail keywords have a different intent, there are keyword searches that are navigational in nature.

Based on what business objective you want to achieve you can use keywords accordingly and attract the right tribe.

3. Choice of keywords sets you apart

There are different kinds of keywords, there are transition keywords, negative keywords, power keywords then there’s an active voice and passive voice conveyed via keywords.

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The perfect mix and match of all the keywords determine the overall quality of content on the site, and as we know very well; Google loves quality content. Sometimes we inadvertently end up using stop words or negative keywords in the slug which drastically affects the rankings.

In 2015, Google introduced the RankBrain option, which would help to mix the further quality of the keywords. When you search for something on Google, it helps you to drive to the content which is related to the same. Google will use this contextual keyword to learn what we want and what type of content that has to be seen.

If you have chosen a keyword with extensive research in your content, then the users will be attracted to it. Sometimes a lot of marketers will choose a keyword that is not related to their niche at all.

But they do this for the short time blog post and even ranking. Well, this can be harmful to your website because this way you will lose your traffic and it can go wrong for your site.

The behavior of your site is caught by Google SERP. It helps you lose traffic if you have implemented the wrong type of keywords on your content. This will also induce the Bounce Rate for your site so overall, and you will lose the ranking that you have had in the first place.

Keyword research helps you to rank your website and the content that is produced there. It makes a significant factor for you. In case you are struggling while choosing the right type of keywords for your content, you can take the help of some fantastic digital marketing tools.

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Keyword research is very strategic and data-driven, it’s a great strategy to WIN, instead of going with a hunch it’s probably better to leverage data.

Just type in the context of your content or type in one word and they will produce the relatable keywords that come along with it.

It is simple and easy to understand and at the same time, a smart thing to do for your business rankings.

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