How Startups Can Boost Their Online Traffic

Over the past five years, small businesses and startups have come to realize that the growth of their income could significantly increase with search engines traffic.

This makes investing a reasonable budget in online marketing an essential step for success. Adopting online marketing techniques can offer low risk, low cost, and high returns to the most skilled webmasters. If you do everything right, your traffic can skyrocket in just a few short months.

But why is organic traffic so important? Why is it that businesses, no matter how big or small they are, try their very best to boost this metric? If you investigate further, this has been the initial focus of many bloggers and business owners in the world of e-commerce for years!

How does traffic equate to a better business? It’s simple. You just need to think of the process backwards. You know that traffic comes from the number of people who visit your site (whether they make a purchase or not). But in this article, let us assume that each visit leads to a sale.

Assuming that your footwear business is up and running. Your store needs approximately $4000 a month to continue thriving and to pay for expenses. Each customer pays at least $20 for a pair of shoes. You have to sell at least 200 pairs a month to conveniently continue running the business.

Let’s assume once more that only one pair is sold for every person. Based on the analysis of your past Web activity, for every 300 visitors, you get 1 pair of shoes sold. Thus for you to earn $4000 a month, you must at least get 60,000 monthly visitors.

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Now, this may not be the exact numbers, but you get the point – it is a lot of work. When you adopt marketing strategies to boost your traffic, there is a higher chance that you will achieve your monthly target to continue to operate.

So where can this traffic come from?

Content Marketing

People go to search engines to find answers.

More often than not, the answers that people are looking for are always found on informative and relevant blogs. This is where content marketing becomes useful as it is geared towards organic traffic. If done right, blog posts can be an abundant source of referral traffic and links.

By posting relevant content and answering the questions of your target audience, you are likely to be referred by people who found your answers helpful. Content marketing also helps building up your link profile, which will have a powerful effect on your overall traffic, as search engines love backlinks.

Social Media

Social media channels are forums where different communities come together.

This allows you to build relationships with a more targeted network of users, often resulting in a better traffic that will convert more to your offers. One of the most sought-after results in social media is to garner a large audience of fans. The bigger your audience gets, the more likely it is for your traffic will skyrocket as well.

Search Engine Optimization and Organic Searches

The goal of SEO is to improve your rankings and positioning on the search engine result pages.

Just like any other marketing campaign, you will need to shell a small initial investment of money and some time to see results. When executed right, organic traffic starts to come in and you could even reach the top of page 1. When you do not break off your SEO efforts, it can be an effective traffic solution in the long run.

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Paid Traffic

Paid traffic (PPC) is also a useful part of digital marketing that may bring leads to your business.

It offers businesses and startups access to the most primed spot on the internet, the top of the result page. Paid traffic channels include Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and you can also directly pay some marketers and webmasters to provide this type of services.

PPC and other paid campaigns can effectively generate good qualified traffic. As a result, a conversion may take place and deliver a positive economic return on your investment. Assess if paid traffic is a viable option for your business, and test it.

Obviously, traffic will play a big role in your online success, but this alone is not sufficient to keep your business thriving. For example, to maximize your profit, you need to adopt different techniques in order to lead each visit to your sales funnel and to increase your conversion rate.

The other piece of the traffic puzzle is your ability to lure in your target audience and to convert these visitors into paying customers. If you master the different steps in boosting your traffic, conversion is the next aspect you need to work on. They go hand in hand, increase your traffic and your conversion rate and you will succeed.

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