Getting Help with Catchy Business Name Ideas

Deciding on a business name can be one of the hardest things you can do. There are a number of ways to come up with catchy business name ideas, but it helps to know what goes into making a great business name. There is always help available when coming up with business names and using business name generators can help you have a starting point that will allow you to come up with a name that truly captures the essence of your business. Think about these factors when coming up with different catchy business name ideas.


Not being original in your business name can truly cost you. Copying another brand is a cheap gimmick and will negatively impact your business. Even if the brand you are taking inspiration from or trying to copy isn’t in the same industry, it will still affect your business. You could also be sued for trademark or copyright infringement.

Piggybacking on another brand’s success can also be detracting for your business if the other business has a PR issue at some point in the future.


Even if you do have plans for world domination and want a business name with the words enterprise or global in it, oftentimes customers are looking for specialists in a niche market, and these words may actually be off-putting. As your company grows, you can evolve the name but when it comes to many businesses, having a focused area and a name that shows that focused area is likely to be more successful.

Start by really narrowing down the focus of your business name so your name can reflect that. This should be one of the main driving factors when making a decision about your business name.

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Don’t Have Too Many Limitations

While you do want to have a focus, you don’t want a business name that is too limited. You don’t want to limit your business to anything location-specific.

Even if your business is only going to be operating in a local market or serving a certain area, if you include your town or city name then your business name may limit your future possibilities and won’t allow you to stand out from other local names. You may not have plans to grow your business now but you might change your mind down the road and you don’t want anything too limiting.


Think about how your name is going to look in an advertisement as a logo or in something else that is visual. The look of the name can almost be just as important as how it sounds.


The vibe that your name has can affect your ability to succeed, especially for startups. You want the name to be able to carry marketing and advertising campaigns. Your business name needs to be able to represent your business’s energy level. This can be subjective, but the right business name will have good energy.


Keep in mind that you want customers to be able to say and spell your business name. The target audience may eventually learn your name with no problems but you want it to be easy for customers to catch on from the start. You don’t want to risk losing customers due To anything too complicated.

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This may be one of the most obvious factors, but your business name needs to be available. This is where a business name generator can come in handy so you can see if your business name is available and if there is anything too similar already out there. Come up with a few catchy business name ideas so you have something to fall back on if one isn’t available.

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